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album recommendations

i’ve started listening to entire albums since about april/may, and i can’t find anymore albums that interest me i liked most of these albums and they’re not in order by how much i liked them, just by how recently i listened to them, oldest-newest the albums that i’ve listened to multiple times are the albums i like the most
a fever you can't sweat out by panic at the disco
from under the cork tree by fall out boy
three cheers for sweet revenge by my chemical romance
isolation by kali uchis (x2)
mini world by indila
favourite worst nightmare by the arctic monkeys (x2)
sounds good feels good by 5 seconds of summer
5 seconds of summer by 5 seconds of summer
calm by 5 seconds of summer
lover by taylor swift (x4)
reputation by taylor swift (x4)
harry styles by harry styles
fine line by harry styles
walls by louis tomlinson
voicenotes by charlie puth (x2)
divinely uninspired to a hellish extent by lewis capaldi
sucker by charli xcx
norman f***ing rockwell by lana del rey
sweetener by ariana grande (x2)
youngblood by 5 seconds of summer (x2)
heartbreak weather by niall horan (x2)
made in the a.m. by one direction
shawn mendes by shawn mendes
inner monologue part 1 by julia michaels
inner monologue part 2 by julia michaels
lm5 by little mix (x3)
manic by halsey
expectations by bebe rexha
flicker by niall horan
born to die by lana del rey
get weird by little mix
glory days by little mix (x2)
midnight memories by one direction
four by one direction
nervous system by julia michaels
melodrama by lorde (x2)
salute by little mix
dna by little mix
dangerous woman by ariana grande
golden hour by kacey musgraves (x2)
25 by adele
artpop by lady gaga (x2)
red by taylor swift
illuminate by shawn mendes
bloom by troye sivan (x2)
how i’m feeling now by charli xcx
charli by charli xcx
pop 2 by charli xcx
mind of mine by zayn
delirium by ellie goulding
cannibal by kesha
animal by kesha
chromatica by lady gaga (x2)
know-it-all by alessia cara
folklore by taylor swift (x4)
back to black by amy winehouse
kid krow by conan gray
1989 by taylor swift (x2)
k-12 by melanie martinez
notes on a conditional form by the 1975
all your fault: pt 1 by bebe rexha
all your fault: pt 2 by bebe rexha
pure heroine by lorde (x2)
damn by kendrick lamar
narrated for you by alec benjamin
honeymoon by beach bunny
for emma, forever ago by bon iver
rumours by fleetwood mac
future nostalgia by dua lipa
thank u, next by ariana grande
cuz i love you by lizzo
rare by selena gomez
confident by demi lovato
expectations by hayley kiyoko
gaslighter by the chicks
electra heart by marina
4 by beyonce
blonde by frank ocean
eternal atake by lil uzi vert
hollywood’s bleeding by post malone
camila by camila cabello
blood harmony by finneas
suga by megan thee stallion
÷ by ed sheeran
ceremonials by florence + the machine
high as hope by florence + the machine
the family jewels by marina
clarity by kim petras
~how i’m feeling~ by lauv
speak your mind by anne-marie
hot pink by doja cat
immunity by clairo
i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by the 1975
the masquerade by mxmtoon
ultraviolence by lana del rey
melophobia by cage the elephant
wiped out! by the neighbourhood
am by the arctic monkeys (x3)
tranquility base hotel & casino by the arctic monkeys (x2)
badlands by halsey
hard to imagine the neighbourhood ever changing by the neighbourhood
suck it and see by the arctic monkeys (x2)
humbug by the arctic monkeys (x2)
whatever people say i am, that’s what i’m not by the arctic monkeys (x2)
channel orange by frank ocean
icarus falls by zayn dirty computer by janelle monaé
tell me it’s real by seafret
romance by camila cabello
born this way by lady gaga
visions by grimes
joanne by lady gaga (x3)
circus by britney spears
ctrl by sza
igor by tyler, the creator
swimming by mac miller
arrival by abba
strange desire by the bleachers
cheap queens by king princess
legends never die by juice wrld
one of the boys by katy perry
teenage dream by katy perry
prism by katy perry
doo-waps & hooligans by bruno mars
24k magic by bruno mars
unorthodox jukebox by bruno mars
witness by katy perry
smile by katy perry
speak now by taylor swift
heard it in. past life by maggie rogers
the fame monster by lady gaga
gone now by the bleachers
amala by doja cat
lungs by florence + the machine
how big, how blue, how beautiful by florence + the machine
american teen by khalid
racine careé by stromae
free time by ruel
crybaby by melanie martinez
my mind makes noises by pale waves
riot! by paramore (x2)
paramore by paramore
stokeley by ski mask the slump god
goodbye yellow brick road by elton john
the 1975 by the 1975
magdalene by fka twigs
lust for life by lana del rey
salad days by mac demarco
2 by mac demarco
be the cowboy by mitski
the origin of love by mika
brand new eyes by paramore
wasteland, baby! by hozier
hozier by hozier
zeros by declan mckenna
let go by avril lavigne
currents by tame impala
after laughter by paramore
little dark age by mgmt
taylor swift by taylor swift
fearless by taylor swift
bad contestant by matt maltese
cheek to cheek by lady gaga and tony bennett
heaven & hell by ava max
the works by queen
born in the u.s.a. by bruce springsteen
purple rain by prince
let’s dance by david bowie
night vision by imagine dragons
edit: tried spacing everything out, easier to read ig
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GTA VI Credible Leak ?

here is my ID badge that i use to get in and out of work. ( Name and picture is blurred for my protection.) date 2019-2020.
Everyone has been waiting, a credible leak for Grand Theft Auto 6. I will not be stating my name or anything, this is a personal throwaway account, But I do work at Rockstar Games. This next addition to the title will be keeping the tradition of roman numerals, ( GTA VI ) but I will often refer to it as GTA 6, to make things easier.
be sure to read everything, as I have taken the risk and time to leak a lot of vital information.
First off I’d like to state that all previous leaks about GTA 6 is a hoax. All of the leaks regarding GTA 6 taking place in any other area than Vice City, is a hoax.
I will be breaking down the characters, storyline, and more.
Grand Theft Auto VI is designed to be the most developed video game in history, and redefine open sand box games, letting the player fully immerse in the world and storyline.
In Grand Theft Auto 6 the game will take place in Vice City, but the previous storyline leaks etc, is all fake. The plot is completely different,. The game will host 3 protagonists, one being a middle aged white man named Johnathon Brooks, but is often referred to as John. John is going thru a mid-life crisis, and lives on the returning area called Starfish Island. John essentially is a life long career criminal, and exposes the player to a new crime element, fraud. John was born in Carcer City, and moved to Vice City at age 17, after running away from his foster parents, not much is known about his previous life before then, except he was in a very poor family.
John got into the fraud game in the early 2000’s, and he is 38 in game. he earned his money thru many fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, bank fraud, and did a few small bank jobs, and laundered his money with his own car wash business. He lives in a $1.8m mansion that he bought with his illicit gains, and the FIB are on to him. He borrows money from the local gang in Little Haiti, where fraud is very prevalent, and he starts getting back into his older habits to pay off the gang. The FIB notices this, and he ends up doing dirty work for the FIB, in order to keep his freedom.
The second character is Samuel “Shotta” Stevens, who is a member of the Haitian gang. He is a black, Haitian based character with more character development, than Franklin from GTA 5. He is 26 in game. The game also focuses more on crime, and the gang element. The player will experience the brutal reality of the gang life in Vice City, in the slums of Little Haiti, from loan sharking and repossessing the unreliable clients, to brokering the sales, that being kilos of cocaine, for the South American Cartel. Samuel lives in a Section 8 apartment, in the Little Haiti Neighborhood with his grandmother, Amy.
Samuel just wants to move out of the hood, but loves the gang lifestyle, and this gets him caughtup in the FIB drama with John. The FIB cuts him a deal also, if he can snitch out his gang, which the player can choose to cooperate, or refuse. This will change the storyline of Samuel dramatically.
If you choose Option A: Snitch on the gang, You will snitch on the gang and work with John, who will show you the ropes of Fraud, and you both will defraud the bank of Schlongberg Sachs, commit multiple heists, and become a protege of John. Or of course you can choose, Option B: Refuse. Refusing will make Samuel a target of the FIB, and this causes him to gain more respect from his gang. The respect system from San Andreas is back, but new and improved. Samuel will expand his gang operations from Little Haiti, all the way to the Vice Keys, and beyond.
The Third Character is a man named Xavier Gonzalez. Xavier is a latino man born in Vice City, he is 40 years old, and a cocaine kingpin. He lives in Downtown Vice City in his lavish $1.5m penthouse. Xavier is friends with John from the beginning of the story. Xavier is apart of the story no matter what option you choose, providing cocaine to John to sell, OR, Providing cocaine to both John AND Samuel, to sell together, and to strengthen the gangs funds. The gang system is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s system, and also has elements of GTA San Andreas. Xavier is also tied in directly to the nightclub business as well, having stakes in the returning Malibu Club, now run by the Jimenez Family, a latino Mafia, who has ties directly to the South American Cartel.
Each Character has a different personality and lifestyle, and will be a exceptional experience for the player. Former characters from past GTA’s will be making appearances. Luis WILL be returning, being a manager of the Malibu Club, Stranger and Freaks missions are returning with a more in depth story for every one of them, and Michael De Santa and his wife, Amanda, will be returning also, living in a beach house, although their children will not make any appearances. The both do not play a VITAL part in the storyline, but will have stranger and freaks missions for any character, with all different outcomes. For example, passing by the state penitentiary, you may just recognize Lamar Davis, in a bluish grey jumpsuit, embellished with a pair of handcuffs wrapped around his wrists, demanding for a ride.
The map of GTA VI, will be bigger than GTA V and RDR2 combined, having several counties, having Vice City, based on Miami, the Vice Keys, based on the Florida Keys, The Everglades, based on the swampy Everglades in Florida. The game will also feature Orlando, which is named Corlado, and Tampa, named as Gulf Shore City, but downsized a bit. The game will feature sprawling countryside outside of Vice City and Corlado, with countryside towns, named Canisville, Centura, and Sentinel Point, along with towns along the Vice Keys. There is an Air Force Base, based of off Eglin Air Force Base, named Fort Sentinel. The Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, with more shipwrecks to discover, plants and animals, and more. The game itself has as many animals as RDR2, and the player can hunt if they choose, although this is just a more of a minigame. Vigilante Missions will be back, along with Taxi Missions.
Character Customization will be better, from the belt on your waist, to the socks on your feet. Choose to your liking of luxury watches, rings, chains, earrings, featuring plain jane, to diamonds and rubies, emeralds, and more. Belts can be worn along with hightops, to lowtops and boots, and dress shoes. Pantlegs can be tucked into the footwear you choose, if the option is available. Tattoos will be back, along with hair customization. John is white so he can tan, or be sunburned, and the core system from RDR 2 is back aswell.
Tattoos will feature opacity and can also fade over time. You will be able to adjust the size of the tattoo. It will be able to be placed on over 10 different area of the body depending the size.
Since the core system is back, you will have to also bathe, to stay clean, otherwise you may notice changes in your cores.
You will have to eat to replenish cores, so you can cook in your safehouse, or go eat out in a restaurant, whether it be fast food or upscale. All characters can have relationships with women, similar to GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. You will be able to buy extra safehouses around the map, and the amount of vehicles will be the same amount that are in GTA Online, and more. Every vehicle will be returning, and first person mode will be more enhanced, with more realistic vehicle interiors to immerse the player into every aspect of the game. South America will not be apart of the game, only Vice City and surrounding Areas.
Skills from GTA V is also being integrated back, along with exercising, to boost strength. Agility is a new added skill, and Strength will affect how hard you punch, kick, or melee in general.
Special Abilities so far, will not be coming back. This may be tweaked before release, but if they return, it will not be a major part of the game.
Car Customization is more advanced, different leather trims can be changed colors, along with wood trims and marble trims. You can add satellite radio, which lets you listen to radio stations in Los Santos, and Liberty City, but so far there is only two stations from each of those cities. You can also listen to all the radio stations across the counties. Neon is back, new spoilers and liveries as well, Along with different colors of tint. Subwoofers will be a standard upgrade as well.
Los Santos Customs is gone, and Pay and Spray is back, along with Viceland Kustomz, and Sentinel Bike Shop. You can also modify certain parts at the car dealerships.
The drug dealing system from GTA: China Town Wars is also returning, but a bit revamped. This is where the post office system comes in, from RDR2. Pounds of Marijuana sourced from Los Santos delivered by mail, to a post office near you. From weed to tabs of LSD, all the way to meth, heroin, and cocaine, you can reap major profits.
Casinos will be returning as well, one being a resort, others being small-time casinos. You will be able to rent a room in the casino and resort. The casino is named as the Malibu Casino and Resort.
Gunplay is improved with new realistic sounds. Interiors are just as detailed as GTA V or RDR2, if not more, I’d say. The insurance system from GTA Online will be integrated into GTA VI’s story mode, so losing a vehicle will not happen.
There is an abundance of new and old activities, that being over 50 strangers and freaks missions, drug supplying, or drug running, similar to GTA TBOGT’s drug missions. You can hunt, as stated before, but is more of a minigame than a money maker. You can fish as well, as fishing is a very popular sport, in modern day Florida.
There will be four strip clubs scattered around the map, one of them named Vanilla Unicorn South East, which is owned by Trevor Phillips, who is planned to make a cameo, only to be featured in a cutscene so far.
Nightclubs as I stated before, will be a thing. There will be 3 nightclubs, where you can take part in a few activities, like dancing, where you can meet your date in game, or drinking and smoking. Expect SOLOMUN, and BLACK MADONNA to return. You will see in game appearances of them DJing in the nightclubs. No other DJ’s will return.
Bounty hunting will not be a thing, but dirty work for the FIB throughout the story will be similar. Pool and bowling is returning, along with player skills, exercise and working out also is a thing, as stated above earlier.
Convenience stores and gas stations will feature many products you can purchase. Snacks, that being Phat chips, (different flavors yield more health and core restoration) candy bars, ( EgoChaser, Meteorite, Zebra Bar, and more) drinks, (E Cola, Sprunk,) Alcohol, (Pisswasser, Champagne, Logger) Redwood cigarettes, and cigars. The stores will be setup similar to RDR2’s store system. You can rob the stores, and also start a protection racket, and extort them.
Pharmacys will be in the game, to purchase portable med kits, or you can rob the pharmacy for drugs and money.
The way you eat can also affect your character’s health, and weight. Similar to GTA San Andreas’s system.
Merryweather will return, but won’t have the same presence as it did in GTA V. Merryweather ends up not being able to operate on U.S. soil, and goes out of business as a hit is put on Don Percival, by one of the returning characters from GTA V.
An advanced parkour system is integrated as well, similar to GTA IV’s.
Gun stores will be prevalent as this is based off of Florida. The homeless man who found the diamonds, from GTA TBOGT will also make an appearance as a gun store owner, as he has proceeded to purchase and start a gun shop in the area of South Vice Beach.
The black market for weapons is featured in this game as well, similar to fences in RDR2. You can also craft bombs/projectiles if you have learned to.
Realism is a goal of this game, without being too overwhelming. Guns and weapons will need to be cleaned. If you shoot a gun, you will smell of gun powder, this may be noticed by civilians or police officers, and they will make comments about it. If you have not bathed, you may just get absurd insults slurred at you. If you have blood stained on you, and you smell of blood, people may give you weird looks, or may just make a call to the local Law Enforcement.
As for those who DM me or ask about Strangers and Freaks, or mysteries and riddles, the paranormal world will be featured in GTA VI. You may encounter serial killers, or creepy sightings in dreary areas. Strangers and freaks will all have its own unique storyline.
The weather system is IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY aswell. Hurricanes do take place, but only during certain parts of the storyline, and floods may occur in marshland areas and anywhere away from mainland.
Melee Combat system is based off of strength, and Agility, which is a new skill, as stated above, and is improved heavily. Hand combat is influenced by strength and agility. Based on how hard you hit the opponent, you may bruise them, and bruise yourself. The chainsaw is returning as well. The limbs and gore is back from RDR2
Dialogue System from GTA San Andreas and RDR2 is back, and improved, with different responses every time.
GPS and Navigation System will be improved, showing the quickest routes, from alleyways to the freeway. Every street will have a name, and the GPS voice from GTA IV is returning as well, get ready to hear “Turn Left in 500 yards, Bing Bong.” Planes will have autopilot, and you can fly to each city with plane tickets, or on your own.
Driving mechanics will be similar to GTA IV’s, but combined with the smoothness of GTA V’s mechanics. Damage to the vehicle will be more detailed then ever, featuring airbag damage as well. EVERY Vehicle will have its own selected weight, and handling, to improve the player’s experience.
Six star wanted level is back, with FIB being the 6th star. There is multiple law enforcement agencies. VCPD, GSCPD, CPD, SPPD, Highway Patrol, FIB, IAA, Viceland State Patrol, as well as the NOOSE. You will not be shot by cops for just staring at them.
Being arrested results in you serving time, similar to RDR 1’s Jail time mechanic, showing you all of your charges while you sit in a cell. The first time you get arrested it will show your character being booked, and you will have to take a mugshot and be fingerprinted. Depending on the county or city you’ve been arrested in, you will be known to local law enforcement and even law abiding citizens, depending on how severe your charges are.
Random events are more realistic than ever. depending on the wanted level you’ve attained, there is a system similar to the bounty system of RDR2. The more crimes you’ve commited that have gained attention of law enforcement, you have a chance of getting your hotel room getting kicked in by noose, your safe house getting staked out by undercover FIB, even being pulled over if you have commited a number of crimes in the same vehicle. You may witness muggings, or even be mugged yourself. You will encounter situations with homeless people to the rich and famous, with all different outcomes.
Real Estate as stated before, will be available to all three characters. Businesses will be available, illicit and legal, from businesses to launder cash for the gang, to illicit businesses like credit fraud rings, to counterfeit cash.
Safe houses will be available as well. A penthouse in Corlado, a modern mansion on Starfish Island, a beach house on Ocean Beach, a small quaint house in Canisville, a traditional house in Gulf Shore City, a vacation-style home in the Vice Keys, to small apartments in small towns like Centura or Sentinel Point. Each character will be able to purchase any of these properties, but it will be tied to just the one character that purchased it.
Hotels and Motels will also be available to rent rooms and bathe in, one being the Gulf Shore motel, a dingy motel room for cheap, perfect for someone wanting a cheap stay. The Malibu Casino and Resort near Vice Beach, a 5 star luxury stay, with a two-story penthouse with a jacuzzi the player can bathe in, with views of Vice Beach, and the nearby Ocean Beach. There is 4 hotels and 2 motels scattered across the map, each with unique interiors and different amenities.
Purchasing vehicles you can enter a dealership, or purchase online and have it delivered to a garage. Pegasus Concierge is returning. Certain stolen vehicles will have trackers, and will not be able to be modified, same as GTA V.
The stock market is also returning, BAWSAQ and VLSM ( Vice Land Stock Market ) and can reap heavy profits as well.
Time goes by: This game is set in 2017-2019. Times will change thruout, buildings will be completed as they were in RDR2, radio stations will not play all of the music in the tracklist at first. Instead it will play newer music thruout the storyline. You will still hear older and newer songs too after completion.
Character customization is not just clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair customization. You can also purchase 3 different phone models. an iFruit phone, based on the iPhone Xr, a Badger phone, or a Whiz Wireless. You will also be able to purchase ringtones, as you were able to do in GTA IV. You can also purchase an iFruit watch, based on the apple watch, which you can take calls on, if you change your settings.
Depending on how rough you play, clothing can wear and tear. Examples: jumping out of a moving vehicle, falling off/on rocks, tripping on certain props.
As stated above, NPC’s will notice the clothing you wear, the way you look or smell, the car you drive, and the jewelry you wear, and will make comments on it.
Crouching will be back, the same as RDR2, and the cover system is nearly the exact same cover system as RDR2.
ALSO Expect a Special Edition, AND Collector’s Edition, similar to RDR2.
The game is set in the summer of 2017 to 2019 as the storyline proceeds. This game WILL BE PS5 Exclusive, for the first month. The in-game experience is like no other, PS5 also has a new controller design as well. It is projected to not release until later 2020, AFTER holiday season BUT MAY BE DELAYED. I have broken down the storyline, key elements of the game, and if anyone has anymore questions I will be happy to answer. I know so much about this game as I’ve been working on it since the start, and I’m not afraid to get in trouble, as this is a throwaway.
I will not be responding to negative comments, claiming this is fake, because I will not waste my time with non-believers, only true questions.
all content is confirmed unless it has been mentioned by me to not be officially confirmed already, and anything may be scrapped before release as cut content, but is unlikely
*PLEASE UPVOTE. I do not want my effort and the risks I am taking to go to waste. I want this to not get buried. *
if you have questions or WANT MORE? (screenshots or photos as proof, radio stations, confirmed tracklists or more) Send Me A Chat.
You may see songs from previous games, as Rockstar may have the licenses still, or has renewed them.
Satellite Radio: Liberty City
Beat 102.7- Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid
Beat 102.7 Logo-
Liberty Rock Radio- Hosted By Iggy Pop
LRR Logo-
Satellite Radio:
Radio Los Santos- Hosted By BigBoy
Radio Los Santos Logo-
Los Santos Rock Radio- Hosted By Kenny Loggins
Los Santos Rock Radio Logo-
NightRide FM Hosted By Kavinsky
NightRide FM Logo-
Corlado’s Hottest Jams 103.7 Hosted By Feliciá Williams and DJ Diamondz
CHJ 103.7 Logo-
V-Rock FM Hosted By Couzin Ed
V-Rock FM Logo-
Vice City’s Retro Mix , 104.7 Fm Hosted By Fernando Martinez
VCRM 104.7 FM Logo-
Vice City Classic Hip Hop Hosted By DJ slick slim
Vice City Classic Hip Hip Logo-
Viceland’s Country Radio (VLCR) Hosted By Derrick Jones
VLCR Logo-
GSC-EDM FM ( Gulf Shore City EDM Fm ) Hosted By Gulf Shore City FM.
The Sunrise Fm ( Reggae music ) Hosted By Marshall Peters
The Sunrise Fm Logo-
Vice Rap Radio ( VRR ) ( modern florida rap ) Hosted By DJ Josué Da Kidd
Vice Rap Radio Logo-
The Groove 109.2 Hosted By Vaughn Harper
The Groove 109.2 Logo-
Baila Ahora Radio (modern spanish station) Hosted By Amada Abrantes
Baila Ahora Radio Logo-
Interesante Musica Radio ( modern and old spanish music ) Hosted By Selená Martinez * Los Hermanos Rosario, La Dueña Del Swing * los reyes del merengue, El Baile del Beeper - Versión Merengue * Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnaval * INDIA, Marc Anthony, Vivir Lo Nuestro * Felipe Muñiz, Marc Anthony, Deje de Amar * Ivy Queen, Dime * Monchy and Alexandra, Alexandra
Musica de Clásico FM ( Salsa ) Hosted By Pedro Simmóns
Flash FM ( 2000’s and 90’s pop) Hosted By DJ Toni
Flash FM Logo-
Ocean Beach Classics FM (80’s synth pop) Hosted By DJ Teri
OBC FM Logo-
The Wave 103 (Slow/Vocal Synthwave + Indie Synth) Hosted By Adam First, Trish Camden
The Wave 103 Logo-
Centura County Country Hits ( newer country ) Hosted By Rick Hanson
Centura County Country Hits Logo-
The Keys Rock Radio ( mix of rock) Hosted By Gerald Ritsky
The Keys Rock Radio Logo-
Viceland Lithium Radio ( Hardcore Rock, Heavy Metal ) ( VLLR ) Hosted By VLLR.
VLLR Logo-
Trap House Radio ( Trap Rap ) Hosted By DJ BlueBandz
Trap House Radio Logo-
Anarchy Radio 98.5 FM ( Alt Rock, Punk) Hosted By Jason Lavigne
Chatterbox Vice City Talk Radio
CTR Corlado Talk Radio
-host, Lazlow - Fernando Martinez
Viceland News Network VLNN
VLNN Logo-
Host- Vanessa Hopkins, Weazel News. - Updates on weather and Weazel News
Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical. Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical.
Along with the No phone, No photos policy, It will be very difficult to get OFFICIAL screenshots. Here is a official, accurate sketch of the GTA VI Minimap and cores design
Here is the sketch of the mini map on computer.
I will be uploading more sketches soon.
Here’s my Rockstar badge / ID. it is dirty, apologies. The rockstar logo, imprinted on the card itself, along with my photo, blurred out, my name below it, and the expiration date, years 2019-2020. this is only an ID to get into the building. since i have released a bit of proof, stop spreading misinformation
You can still trust my leak, but here is a legal disclaimer so I cannot be targeted.
Ignore this below.
-legal disclaimer. this is fictional and not proven, this post is not associated with taketwo or rockstar games in any way, shape, or form.
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Things To Do- Week of 01/07

Hello, /Dallas. I hope 2019 is treating you nicely so far. Due to an out of town funeral next weekend, Next week's post will be delayed most likely just a day, I'm trying to get most of it done before I leave town.

Top picks from do 214
Editor's Pick from Guide Live
D Magazine Critics Pick
Concerts happening in Dallas


Skate the Square until Jan 7 at Frisco Square
Panther Island Ice until Jan 14 at Coyote Drive-In (Fort Worth)
Clowning Around With Murder until January 20 at Eisemann Center
Hamlet from Jan 10 to Jan 20 at Moody Performance Hall
Shen Yun from Jan 10 to Jan 27 at Winspear Opera House
Penguin Days until Jan 31 at Dallas Zoo
$5 Admission until Jan 31 at Dallas Arboretum
Building Toys and Toy Buildings: Architecture Through a Child's Eyes until Jan 31 at AD EX
Dinosaurs Live until Feb 16 at Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

Shen Yun from Monday Jan 7 to Tuesday Jan 8 at Bass Performance Hall
Early Childhood Classes: Winter Wonderland from Tuesday Jan 8 to Thursday Jan 10 at Perot Museum of Nature and Science
FWSO Symphonic Series: Also Sprach Zarathustra from Friday Jan 11 to Sunday Jan 13 at Bass Performance Hall
Repticon Dallas from Saturday Jan 12 to Sunday Jan 13 at Grapevine Convention Center
Dallas Vert Mile Stairclimb from Saturday Jan 12 to Sunday Jan 13 at Reunion Tower

MONDAY JANUARY 7 (High 71 Low 44, Party Cloudy)
'90s Rewind Movie Series: Edward Scissorhands at Angelika Film Center and Cafe (Dallas)
JFK 2 Oak Cliff at Texas Theatre

TUESDAY JANUARY 8 (High 65 Low 42, Party Cloudy)
Pictures and Pages at Kimbell Art Museum
The Amity Affliction / Senses Fail at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 9 (High 58 Low 41, Mostly Sunny)
Lindsay Ell at House of Blues
EatDrinkInsider With Tiney Ricciardi at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

THURSDAY JANUARY 10 (High 52 Low 44, PM Showers)
Americans and the Refugee Crisis, 1938-1941 at Dallas Holocaust Museum
Steve Tyrell at Arlington Music Hall
Comethazine at Trees
Levi Cobb and the Big Smoke at Dan's Silverleaf
Calpurnia at House of Blues

FRIDAY JANUARY 11 (High 49 Low 41, Showers)
Kraig Parker: The King Lives! Elvis Birthday Celebration at Irving Arts Center
Arts and Letters Live: Dave Eggers and Mokhtar Alkhanshali at Dallas Museum of Art
Cocktails for Kitties Lucky XIII at Ten Bells Tavern
Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone at Eisemann Center
Bobby Sessions at Trees
Jesse McCartney at House of Blues
Mike and the Moonpies / Jamie Lin Wilson at Kessler Theater
Neal McCoy at Arlington Music Hall
The Spazmatics at Statler
Tish Hinojosa at Poor David's Pub
Cracker at Billy Bob's

SATURDAY JANUARY 12 (High 52 Low 41, AM Showers)
Hotcake Hustle at Addison Conference and Theatre Center
Golden Dragon Acrobats at McKinney Performing Arts Center
Cross Timbers Bird Walk at Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway - Texas Parks and Wildlife
Architectural Walking Tour: Main Street District at Main Street Garden
Celebracion del Dia de Los Reyes Magos at Latino Cultural Center
Cut Back Spring Forward at Texas Discovery Gardens
Hands on Cheesemaking Class at Mozzarella Company
Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues at American Airlines Center
Daddy's Little Sweetheart Dance at Plano Event Center
Gnash at Trees
Danity Kane at House of Blues
Eleven Hundred Springs at Sons of Hermann Hall
Monte Montgomery at Granada Theater
Pat Green at Billy Bob's
Texas Tunes Concert Series: Ruthie Foster at Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater
Bayside at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
Grady Spencer and the Work at Sundown at Granada

SUNDAY JANUARY 13 (High 53 Low 41, Partly Cloudy)
20th Annual Casino Night at Park Place Plano
Second Sunday Funday: I Have a Dream at Irving Arts Center
Mochitsuki New Year’s Celebration at Fujitsu Network Communications
Holistic Fair at Billy Bob's
Asian Night Market at Bomb Factory
Elvis, Cash and Diamond at Plaza Theatre
Plano Drag Queen Bingo Show at The Westin Stonebriar Hotel & Golf Club
Fire Ceremony of the Bhagavad Gita - Gita Yajna at Radha Kalachandji Temple

I do realize that I sometimes use Facebook event links and some Redditors do not use Facebook. If there's any events you'd like more details on that's a Facebook link I'll be happy to help out. I try and avoid using Facebook links and go straight to the source but some venues strictly use Facebook for their events.
If I missed anything or would like to showcase an event, feel free to comment below.
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Planning a trip. Quite a few questions...grateful for the help.

Looking to fly into Liberia and stay for 2 weeks or so. I am in my 50's, so I am not really looking for the clubbing/nightlife locations, but I don't speak a word of Spanish (yet) so I would like to find an English-friendly area. So here are some questions:
1) I like to play Texas Hold-Em recreationally, but the only casinos I have been able to find online are in either Jaco or San Jose. I am told that the Hotel Del Rey in San Jose has the best action...but is also a world-famous hotbed of degeneracy. Same with the Hotel Cocal in Jaco. Anyone know of any casinos near Tamarindo that are a bit more subdued?
2) I am an experienced motorcycle rider. Would renting a bike be a good idea? I would like to be able to get around, but I don't know about the road conditions and driving styles.
3) How hard is it to find pubs/restaurants populated by ex-pats or tourists around my age? I really don't want to end up in a huge room with thumping loud music and hundreds of 20-somethings.
4) Is Tamarindo a good spot to use as a base camp for day excursions into the forests and other natural beauty spots? I have heard decent things about the hostel scene there, and from my experience backpacking when I was younger, I know that the staff can be very helpful. Or are there other places (West Coast beach towns) that are better situated for day trips, picnics, etc.?
4) I am in excellent health, but also a realist. What preparations do I need to take with regard to inoculations and insurance? How will I be covered for medical care as a tourist?
Any other advice is certainly welcomed and very much appreciated.
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Fixing The Last Jedi the way Marcia Lucas would

The movie was fun and had a great core about the Force, but the surrounding narrative needed some work.
(This idea is 2000 words. TL;DR - Phasma on Canto Bight, shuffle some scenes between the three threads, and cut out most of the action sequence on Crait so we can get from snuffing Snoke to Luke's showboating more quickly.)
George Lucas’s original cut of Star Wars had numerous scenes that sapped the movie of momentum. I want to take a cue from Marcia Lucas, who reedited Star Wars into the theatrical version by tightening slack and using a few voiceovers to clarify plot points. She even added in the idea that the Death Star was approaching the rebel base on Yavin IV, which wasn’t in the original version George Lucas put together.
(Okay, I’d add some new scenes too, which Marcia Lucas didn’t have the luxury of.)
The core story of "Let the past die," and "Failure is a teacher" with Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren was great. We keep that nearly unchanged.
I’d make three noteworthy narrative changes.
Slow Speed Chase, Pt. 1. First, just for my sci-fi nerd nitpicking’s sake, I’d surround Crait with an asteroid field, to explain why the good guys didn’t come out of hyperspace right by the planet, and why the First Order can’t simply do a hyperspace jump to get ahead of them. It’s not even safe for fighters, so Kylo Ren doesn’t initially go attack.
As in the original, Rose and Finn figure out they're being tracked, and go to find a slicer who can help. We actually have Finn and Rose’s mission be condoned by Leia.
Phasma’s Pursuit. Poe wants to go with Finn, but Leia refuses because he disobeyed her in the opening action sequence. This forces Finn to be the lead hero, where previously he’d had Poe or Han with him. I’d make Rose slightly reluctant to go out on a mission while she's still grieving her sister's death. Finn thus has a chance to inspire Rose (who will in turn inspire others to join the resistance.) This plot thread was lacking in character growth, so let’s work some in.
Their ship departs, and is tracked by the First Order. Hux tells Phasma to pursue them, and says they know the rebels might go to ground on some nearby world, so while she's on Canto Bight, there's something he needs her to pick up. Phasma gives us an actual antagonist in this thread, raises the stakes, and makes the fight between her and Finn on the star destroyer more affecting.
Finn and Rose still see all the casino stuff that expands the Star Wars setting in a cool way, and they get accosted by a few storm troopers. Finn and BB8 take them out, while Rose initially fails to be effective. Finn gives her a pep talk afterward about how in his first firefight, he never even shot his blaster because he didn’t know what he was fighting for.
We simplify how they meet their slicer DJ (Benicio del Toro). He's gambling and seems like he might be willing to help, but they’re spotted by Phasma and have to flee. During the chase they come across the kids in the stables, and seeing their suffering galvanizes Rose. She convinces the kids to help, which leads to a quick mounted chase sequence.
The pair link back up with Benicio and force themselves into his hotel suite to hide. DJ can do his ‘arms dealer’ speech in his hotel room instead of a ship. He agrees to help them, and says to follow them to his ship, but when the hangar opens, it reveals the laser battering ram Doom Cannon, which the First Order needs to crack into the bunker on Crait. And Phasma is in the hangar too.
Benicio has betrayed them, and Phasma takes them prisoner to execute back with the First Order. BB8 stows away on Phasma’s ship.
Slow Speed Chase, Pt. 2. Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) gives a speech inspiring the forces to hold out hope, and then she dresses down Poe for caring more about his own glory than about the unity and morale of the movement. We don’t need Poe’s mutiny attempt, though, because we’ve shortened the casino plot, and thus don't need as many scenes for this plot.
We intercut as in the theatrical release with Rey on Ach-To. After Luke interrupts the hand-holding of Rey and Kylo, Kylo receives word that the resistance fleet is about to reach Crait. He's already angry, so he goes to board his fighter, disobeying Hux. Meanwhile Rey yells at Luke and decides to leave Ach-To.
Kylo flies through the asteroid field to try to kill Leia and free himself of his conflict. Leia orders fighters scrambled in defense, but to stay close to the ships where they have cover, but Poe still remembers being tortured by Kylo Ren, so he disobeys and gets reckless. His ship is clipped by an asteroid, and without BB8 to repair it, he can't stop Kylo.
Kylo still hesitates to kill his mother, but the TIEs attack and the lead ship’s bridge is destroyed. Leia still barely survives (but instead of flying through space, I’d have her stagger into the airlock right before the attack hits.)
Kylo withdraws, frustrated but unable to hold out any longer. Poe limps his X-Wing back onto the ship, horrified at his failure. And on Ach-To, Luke breaks down as he feels what he thinks is Leia dying. He destroys the temple and gets to see Yoda, which I thought was a great scene.
The Climax. A small beat I’d add early on is that when Snoke harasses Hux through his hologram, people on the bridge react to the power on their consoles flickering and the room darkening, as a sort of electronic interference due to the power of the Dark Side. Also, for narrative simplicity, I’d have Snoke on the same ship as Hux.
So, with Leia heavily injured, Rey shows up on the First Order capital ship, and Phasma brings in the Doom Cannon and her two prisoners. Hux smugly gathers his forces so they can witness the execution of the traitor FN-2187, and we have a scene on the resistance cruiser where they pick up communications chatter, of forces being ordered to attend the execution.
Laura Dern’s admiral tells Poe that Finn’s mission was a failure, but the First Order will be distracted. This will be their one chance. They’ll break out of the cover of the asteroid field and send shuttles to head for the planet’s surface. She and a skeleton crew on the cruiser will provide them cover.
Finn gives a short, defiant speech to the gathered storm troopers, with the theme that he’s been more in control of his life during his few days as a rebel than he ever was as a soldier. As they’re bringing out the axes for Finn & Rose, Phasma tells Hux that the resistance fleet is breaking from the asteroids. Hux sighs, laments he’ll miss the execution, and heads for the bridge, ordering the Doom Cannon to be readied in case any resistance ships get past them.
We play the two imminent executions in parallel - Rey in front of Snoke and Finn & Rose in front of the First Order, while the resistance shuttles are fired upon, and Poe is helpless, tending to a weak Leia. Then Kylo has his awesome execution of Snoke, except in our version he’s a sort of ‘load-bearing boss.’
His death releases a pulse of Dark Side energy that knocks out the shields to the First Order fleet. Admiral Laura Dern hears the shields are down and sees they have a momentary opening, so she sends the ship to light speed.
That shatters half the First Order fleet. We get to keep the coolest visual of the whole movie without raising the question why nobody else ever tried this in the other movies. And it creates chaos so Finn and Rose can make a break for it. Kylo Ren and Rey fight off the Praetorian Guard, and after Rey rejects Kylo and flees, she and Finn both get a signal from Chewie, who has flown in on the Falcon. She realizes where Finn is and reunites with him in the exploding hangar bay. Rose, who was excited to meet Finn, positively geeks out at meeting Rey, but only for a moment, and they escape in the knick of time as the shuttle bay explodes.
Unlike the theatrical version, we don’t slow down very long here. Hux rushes to the Supreme Leader’s chambers and gets put in his place by Kylo, who orders an immediate assault on Crait. Kylo leads the forces down, but Hux tells one of his subordinates to command the assault (mostly to trim the number of characters in our climax).
The Resistance ships skid their way into the hangar, and Poe notices the ‘snow’ is actually salt. They get a report that ships are incoming, and they start to close the door. It’s nearly shut when Leia senses Rey, and Poe recognizes the Falcon. The door shuts before they can get inside, but they call to Finn and Rey, who are pursued by TIEs.
Leia asks if Luke’s with them, but Rey says she failed. Finn says his mission was a bust too. Poe glances to Leia’s injuries and says something to the effect of yeah, this day isn’t making any of them look good.
Rose says that they’re seeing a huge First Order landing force, including the Doom Cannon, which will blast right through their door. They’ll circle and look for something that might possibly help. Leia tells them to just run, but everybody on the Falcon refuses, saying they need Leia to rally people against the First Order. Poe insists, and says that they need to follow orders before anyone else dies for no reason. Finn scoffs and says to wait a few more minutes before giving that order.
The First Order lands, has a defensive perimeter of walkers, and begins to charge their laser. The crew on the Falcon try to make an attack run (and kick up some salt revealing swaths of red crystal in the process), but they get driven off by TIEs that pursue them. The Doom Cannon fires, slags the door, and destroys a couple shuttles. Kylo orders the cannon readied for another shot.
Leia slumps, saying this must be where the light dies. And then Luke arrives.
From there, the climax plays out basically the same, which was excellent. During the distraction, Poe figures out the way out, Rey lifts rocks, and they fly off in the Falcon. Luke trolls Kylo and the First Order, apologizes for his failure, then passes on in serenity.
The Denouement. Our grace note is on the Falcon, safely in hyperspace. Rose tells Poe what Finn said just before his execution, and Finn is uncomfortable in the role of hero, brushing it off. He claims he was just stalling to stay alive. Rose says that still, it inspired her.
Then we cut to Maz Canata, recounting to a couple wannabe heroes in a bar the tale of a single pilot swooping over the ruins of her cantina, taking out fifty TIEs by himself; then a trio of First Order storm troopers warily loading weapons onto a transport, before taking off their helmets and hurling them off the ship in disdain before flying away to join the rebellion; and then finally the kids telling the story about Luke, ending in that shot of a kid looking to the stars.
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DilettanteTunesmith's Ridiculously Extra Mega List of the First Half Of 2018

Alright, I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but these are all 235 albums I've heard this year, and since the ranking gets a little fast and loose near the middle, I'm going to split them into more or less ranked groups that might give you a better idea of how I feel about them. I'll have short blurbs for the Top 5, Bottom 5, and 8 select albums in between that I think have been underrated or maybe deserve more attention (these albums will be bolded and italicized for emphasis).
BEST (Top 25):
Every song on here is great and the themes and lyrics are timely, thoughtful, and nuanced; any political statements never come off as preachy or trite, but are still given plenty of urgency. It's catchy as hell and has plenty of singability (I don't think that's a word, but still). It never really feels samey, with many songs differing stylistically from each other, but it doesn't ever get too disparate and always feels very "Parquet Courts" to me. It's just very solid, and it's probably the album I've revisited, and will revisit, the most so far this year.
Pop perfection! Funky jams that often belie darker messages (such as the Obama administration's use of drone bombings in the Middle East on MAH, domestic abuse on Incidental Boogie, the abuse of power by men in authority on Pearly Gates), this album never lets up. On its surface, it's a very fun listen, and if that's all you're here for, then that's fine, but there's plenty to enjoy for those looking for a deeper listening experience too.
A continuance of last year's A Crow Looked At Me, another intense, unflinching and wonderful album from Phil Elverum, with an expanded sonic palette. While still very vulnerable and autobiographical, where A Crow Looked At Me was stark and unflinchingly focused, this album has a lot more expanse. I've come back to this one a lot more often than A Crow Looked At Me as well.
Funky, cohesive, and immerisive! Her voice is amazing and the instrumentation and production are great. Feels very retro, but still very fresh. Catchy choruses galore.
Underrated for sure! I really hope this doesn't go under anyone's radar, because it's fantastic. A sprawl of an album with a cinematic feel at times, based around the concept of what happens when you lose all your memories that has parallels loss of meaning in the information age. Lots of references shared between songs, lyrically and musically. Gorgeous instrumentation and melodies. Please don't miss out on this.
Their first in 5 years and first with new vocalist Joanna Delos Reyes, Dirt is a brutal and epic narrative album that draws from Haudenosaunee and Buddhist themes, and is a genre-fluid experience that draws from prog, punk, and Indigenous American music, among others.
At times woozy and off-kilter, this album, whose name translates to "microsleep" and refers to that split second of sleep where you accidentally drift off and wake up suddenly again, definitely fits the description of its name. It is at once soothing, yet jarring and strange, and its unique, genre-blending, electronic atmosphere leaves a haunting impression that is unique among all other albums I've heard this year.
A ripper of an emo album, Ryann Slausen's screams are brutal and the instrumentation is great to match. I've returned to this one quite often. Solid, solid debut, can't wait to hear more from them.
A powerful debut LP from hardcore punk outfit HIRS Collective. Featuring appearances from Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster, Garbage's Shirley Manson, G.L.O.S.S' Sadie Switchblade and others, Friends. Lovers. Favorites. is punishing in sound and is a fantastically powerful love letter to the LGBTQ+ community.
While many of you are probably aware of this album, since I know there's some overlap between here and /indieheads, this is a lovely ambient album from user god_is_ender with a rich palette of sounds and gorgeous melodies. Love it.
A very pretty, melodic vaporwave album that I haven't seen given much critical attention. Doesn't break a lot of new ground, sure, but the melodies and textures are very nice, and a couple of the tracks from this I've had on repeat for a while (title track, Viginia Slims).
A fun, brass-centric, funk pop album, while I liked the album, it's honestly even better live If anything, that's maybe my one gripe, is that the album doesn't quite capture how fun they are in person. Saw them open for Blues Traveler and honestly, they showed them up. Went with my gf to see them on their recent headlining tour. They put on a great show with an irresistible charm that you have to dance to. Keep a watch on these guys.
A fun album to check out if you're into JRPGs at all, this is a soundtrack to a game that does not exist and was created entirely on the Roland SC88.
Just not a lot to come back to here. I mean, Nice For What boinks in the auto but that's about it. I guess 8 Out Of 10 was good, but then that outro at the end kind of annoyed me, tbh. Not really a hot take I guess, but for as long as it is, there really were not a lot of good returns on this.
This is where I actively start disliking albums. I honestly don't really have a lot of albums I don't like this year, or to be honest any year. I generally just don't listen to any albums I think I will dislike, what's the point of it? (except for the last one on here, and that's mostly because I figured it would at least be, I don't know maybe enjoyably shitty?) And I'm probably more lenient or easy to please when it comes to music. So I guess the reason I disliked this one so much is just because of how much of a MASSIVE disappointment it was. I was so stoked that one of my favorite bands from my metalcore days was reuniting, and with the original lineup no less! I'm still a big fan of A Boy Brushed Red... and especially Define The Great Line. I loved the sonic risks that Underoath took later on in their career, and they were always still super catchy. Here? No risks, no catchiness. Nothing fun. It's not even really metalcore, just harder and louder buttrock. Not that a stylistic change is inherently bad, but like... something has to come of it yeah? And low-stakes albums aren't always bad either, but it's so simple AND boring that it just feels like it lacks any substance.
I dunno, after this one, I had to go back and relisten to Autechre to remind myself that I don't hate IDM. Just very samey, soundwise, IMO, and not a lot about the arrangements interested me or stuck with me.
The musical equivalent of combining every soda at the soda fountain. Personally, I think Fall Out Boy has not transitioned into pop as gracefully as similar bands like Panic! At The Disco or Paramore have.
Just... some of the dumbest lyrics this year and the strangest aesthetic and production choices. I thought maybe it would be a fun kind of shitty, like The Room or Troll 2. But nah, it was just regular kind. Just, a track that sounds like a hymn about flannel shirts? After hearing Jessica Biel talk about wearing his shirts like its his skin? The line "If I take it too far, that's okay because you know I hear the making up's fun" is kinda giving me rapey vibes. And "There's the faucet" has to be the least sexy thing I can think of. "Beautiful boy, got it from your momma; Damn, she look good, you might get a sister"? Is he singing to his son about how much he wants to do his mom? Jesus. I could go on but I won't cause I guess it's too easy of a target but Good God. I don't know how it could get worse.
I guess that pretty much wraps up my list week contribution, feel free to ask me how I feel about any of these that I haven't addressed! Cheers :)
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jun 14th - Tue, Jun 20th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Jun 14th

  • 1/2 Price Game Day (Dave & Buster's of OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Need a little midweek pick me up? Come to Dave and Buster's for 1/2 Price Game Day, ALL DAY LONG. Come for the games, stay for the amazing food and drinks.
  • 🎨 Annual Spring Show artwork by Lu Beard, Beth Hammack, Dodge Hill, Phebe Kallstrom, Margot Holaday, Amy Maguire, John & Marylou M (The Studio Gallery - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 The Studio Gallery, 2646 W. Britton Rd., OKC, is pleased to announce its
    2017 Spring Show Thursday, April 20, 5:30 - 7:30pm.
    The show will feature new works of art by: Lu Beard, Beth Hammack, Dodge Hill,
    Phebe Kallstrom, Margot Holaday, Amy Maguire, John & Marylou Moad,
    Lacy Saak, Mary Lee Smiser, Kay Smith, Jessie Ann Wallentine and…
  • Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Anxiety Management Support Group (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness and affect more than 40 million Americans. Symptoms may include: overwhelming feelings of panic and fear, uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, painful intrusive memories, recurring nightmares, physical symptoms such as feeling sick to your stomach, “butterflies” in your stomach,…
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • 🎓 Build a Better You: Employment Skills (Pioneer Library System - Tecumseh) Start Time: 2:00pm Teens, are you looking for your first job? Come eat pizza while learning how to write your first resume, how to dress for success, and what employers are looking for when hiring teens! Prizes will be given away. Registration is required. Click the Tickets link to register.
  • Dips and Hors D'oeuvres Cooking Class (Moore Norman Technology Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm This is an easy, fun class that will teach how to create fantastic Dips and Hors D'oeuvres appetizers for your next party.
  • 🏆 Dodgers vs Storm Chasers (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Jun 16th Start Time: 7:05pm vs Omaha Storm Chasers Friday Fireworks / Future Dodgers Nights
  • Doyle with special guest Davey Suicide and Paid in Spades (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Edmond Farmers Market (Mitch Park - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Father's Day Special! Megadeth OKC Zoo Amp (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:05pm $20 OFF PIT TICKETS & $10 OFF GA LAWN TICKETS. No password or promo code required. Megadeth with special guests Meshuggah, TesseracT & LILLAKE live at The Official Zoo Amphitheatre Saturday, July 8th. *Offer valid now until June 18th *Limited Quantity Available.
  • In Designs, Contemporary Abstract by Brian Allan, christopher Pendleton and Stephen St. Claire (Kasum Contemporary Fine Art - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2
  • 🎓 June Morning Mingle (Del City Tag Agency - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:15am Morning Mingles are an excellent way to network and get to know fellow Chamber members. Join us every 2nd Wednesday at a different business in the Del City Community. Join us this month at the DC Tag Agency
  • 🎨 "Landscapes in Fiber," artwork by Pamela Husky (The Depot - Norman) Day 2 of 2
  • Late Night Wednesdays (White Water Bay - Oklahoma City) Enjoy two extra hours of fun on Wednesday nights this summer! White Water Bay is open until 9:00p Wednesdays, June 7th-August 9th.
  • Leigh Martin is the artist for June Art of the Month! (Current Studio - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Current Studio 1218 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73107
  • 🎓 Little Scientists Lab (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 2:00pm Put on your safety goggles! We’re building imagination and love of science in this fun-filled, hands-on session that encourages creativity and curiosity. Join us as we get a little messy and experience the magic of exploring the world by asking questions, experimenting, and sharing your own amazing science discoveries. Science Museum Oklahoma…
  • Live Music- Andy Adams/ Kyle Reid (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us for live music presented by Andy Adams and Kyle Reid.
  • 🎨 National Weather Center Biennale Art Show (National Weather Center - Norman) 1 day left Start Time: 7:00am Following on the heels of two successful events, the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma has again partnered with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Norman Arts Council to announce the third National Weather Center Biennale, which opens April 23, 2017 at 1:00pm. The Biennale is free and open to the public daily from 7am…
  • One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 18th CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time ago....
    Charles Ross…
  • 🎭 One-Man STAR WARS® Trilogy (Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®.
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original STAR WARS (on May 25, 1977), CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time…
  • Parents Supporting Parents (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm This group is for caretakers and parents who are supporting an individual managing the complications often associated with having a pervasive development disorder such as autism or aspergers disorder. This group will also provide education and support to those parents who have loved ones with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental, emotional,…
  • 🏃 Please Wait (Speegle Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Davis Integration Group takes America's health initiative to a more detailed and specified level for the entire family. We provide various fitness and lifestyle enhancement opportunities for the youth and adults. Real Results Fitness is strategically designed for all levels of fitness. RRF offers a variety of workshops, contest events and…
  • 🎭 Powerful Prose Series: The Underground Railroad (Full Circle Bookstore - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Oklahoma City University’s Powerful Prose series continues with a presentation of the book "The Underground Railroad," written by Colson Whitehead. OKCU professor Dr. Tracy Floreani will lead the discussion June 14 at 6:30 p.m. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, the #1 New York Times bestseller "The Underground…
  • 🎨 Report Card As (Family Video - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Students Kindergarten through college can get a free movie or game rental with As on their report cards! Limit 5 free rentals.
  • 😂 Ricky Reyes (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 17th
  • 🎨 Rose State College Honoring Our Heroes (Rose State College - Midwest City) Start Time: 3:00pm Rose State College is excited to announce a special Flag Day event on Wednesday, June 14, at the Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center. Doors will open at 3 pm and 7 pm for two, FREE community events to honor our heroes. This tribute to the men and women who serve our nation will include a time of celebration for our veterans, and will…
  • 🎨 Sculptures and paintings by Glen Thomas Exhibit (50 Penn Art Gallery - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Carolyn, please run the following under the Exhibits listings in the May 7th edition of the Oklahoman:
    Sculptures and paintings by Glen Thomas, through June 30th. 50 Penn Place Gallery, 1900 NW Expressway. There will be an opening reception at 6 p.m. Friday (May 12th) 848-5567
  • 🎨 Summer Adult Classes (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am Expand your skills and explore your creativity this summer. Enrollment opens May 4 for our four- and eight-week classes designed for artists at any level. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, classes are available in ceramics, 2-D arts and fiber arts. You can also sign up for open studio hours in our photography darkroom, one of only a…
  • 🎡 Summer Camp (Kirkpatrick Family Farm - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Summer camp at the Orr Family Farm offers educational fun with activities such as learning about proper animal care and agriculture, fishing in the ponds, playing challenging games and much more! For children in kindergarten through 6th grade. Pre-registration required. Two, four day summer camp sessions (Tues-Fri) are available 9 a.m, to 2 p.m.…
  • 🎨 Summer Camp Contemporary (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am With a different artist each of 11 weeks and nearly 60 camps for students in K–ninth grade, there’s plenty to explore at Keep kids creative and learning in camps featuring visual arts, music, hip-hop, fiber, clay, performance, robotics and more. Whole Foods Market will provide free healthy snacks for all summer camps.
  • 🎓 Summer Camp Contemporary | Week 3 (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Week 3 | June 12-16 | Andy Goldsworthy
    British sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy focuses the changing landscape around us through natural installations. He often uses materials such as rocks, leaves and branches to create sculptures that are later exhibited through photographic prints. Whole Foods Market will provide free healthy…
  • 🏆 SUMMER DAY SKATE (Skate Galaxy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am SUMMER DAY SKATE HOURS!!! EVERY WED,THURS, & FRI 11am-2pm Admission is only $6
    we also have summer passes on sale! $30 gets you unlimited admission to all day skate sessions may 31st - aug 11th
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 1:00pm Meets at Canyon Princess (cougar sculpture in West Hallway) From Remington and Russell to Native American works, see some of the finest Western art in the country during this docent-facilitated Museum tour. View ethnographic material from Native Americans and mountain men, and learn about frontier military life. Round out the tour with a look at…
  • UCO Summer Workshop with Diavolo (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am The UCO Department of Dance is excited to bring guest artists Kellie St. Pierre of LA's Diavolo-Architecture in Motion and jazz choreographer Amy Renyolds-Reed for our 2017 Summer Dance Workshop. Daily classes in ballet, modern, jazz, music theater and hip-hop offered for ages 12 and up. College and Youth track available. Workshop fee is $200.…
  • Unwed Sailor (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Unwed Sailor (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm Wednesday 14 June 2017 Unwed Sailor 89th Street Collective, Oklahoma City, OK, US
  • 🎨 Watercolor: Simple and Dramatic (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Joseph Bohler has been a fine-art painter for more than 30 years. For this class, students will discard the non-essentials and break down subjects into simple dramatic shapes. Whether working from images of landscapes or figures, Bohler believes that if a painting cannot be improved by adding things, then leave them out! Instruction will include…
  • Works by Abstract/Expressionist Artists MaryAnn Ceballos and Jerry Piper (Contemporary Art Gallery - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2
  • 🏃 Yoga Flow Level I Very Gentle (Moore Norman Technology Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Students will learn basic Hatha Yoga asanas (postures), including balancing ones, and smooth, flowing sequences. Flowing sequences, such as Sun Salutations and variations are done linking movement to breath. Abdominal breathing along with other types of breath work will be explored. Basic postures such as Warrior, Pigeon, Spinal Twist,…

Thursday, Jun 15th

  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • 🏆 Dodgers vs Storm Chasers (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:05pm vs Omaha Storm Chasers Friday Fireworks / Future Dodgers Nights
  • Grease (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) Thru Sat, Jun 17th Come to Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a lively production of “Grease.” This classic 1971 musical is…
  • Jazz in June (Brookhaven Village & Andrews Park - Norman) Thru Sat, Jun 17th Jazz in June, Norman's outdoor jazz and blues festival, continues its 30+ year tradition of bringing Oklahoma and…
  • 🎨 National Weather Center Biennale Art Show (National Weather Center - Norman) Last Day Start Time: 7:00am Following on the heels of two successful events, the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma has again partnered with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Norman Arts Council to announce the third National Weather Center Biennale, which opens April 23, 2017 at 1:00pm. The Biennale is free and open to the public daily from 7am…
  • One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 18th CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time ago....
    Charles Ross…
  • 😂 Ricky Reyes (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 17th

Friday, Jun 16th

  • 3rd Friday Block pARTy (Downtown - Shawnee) During the 3rd Friday Block pARTy in Shawnee, local restaurants, art galleries and merchants are open late in the…
  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival (Lyric at the Plaza - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Join the fun at the largest burlesque production in Oklahoma, the 5th Annual Oklahoma City Burlesque…
  • 🏆 Dodgers vs Storm Chasers (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:05pm vs Omaha Storm Chasers Friday Fireworks / Future Dodgers Nights
  • Grease (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) 1 day left Come to Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a lively production of “Grease.” This classic 1971 musical is…
  • 🏃 HOT Friday Night 5K (Stars & Stripes Park - Oklahoma City)
  • Iowa Tribal Powwow (Iowa Tribal Complex - Perkins) Thru Sun, Jun 18th The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma will host its annual Iowa Tribal Powwow this June, and the public is invited to attend a…
  • Jazz in June (Brookhaven Village & Andrews Park - Norman) 1 day left Jazz in June, Norman's outdoor jazz and blues festival, continues its 30+ year tradition of bringing Oklahoma and…
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd in Concert (Shawnee) Join Southern rock pioneers Lynyrd Skynyrd for a very special evening as they rock the Firelake Casino. For decades,…
  • A Night of Worship with Bethel Music & Housefires: featuring special guest Bill Johnson (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Regular Tickets and Bethel Breakouts Tickets are available in each city. Bethel Breakouts tickets are a premium ticket which includes admission into the evening session, as well as, a special pre-night session of acoustic worship, Q&A with the worship leaders and dedicated time for ministry.
  • OKPEX Stamp Collector Show (Reed Conference Center - Midwest City) Day 1 of 2 Come to trade, view and network with other collectors at Oklahoma’s only national stamp collecting event, OKPEX.…
  • One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 18th CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time ago....
    Charles Ross…
  • 😂 Ricky Reyes (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Shawnee Trail Days (Downtown - Shawnee) Day 1 of 2 Go back in time at Shawnee Trail Days, where history comes alive with live demonstrations, a cooking contest and plenty…
  • Wait Until Dark (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Jun 24th Join Lincoln County On-Stage in Chandler for a production of Frederick Knott's 1966 Broadway play, "Wait Until…

Saturday, Jun 17th

  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival (Lyric at the Plaza - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Join the fun at the largest burlesque production in Oklahoma, the 5th Annual Oklahoma City Burlesque…
  • Downtown Edmond Historic Tours (Downtown - Edmond) Join experts with the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust to learn something new with a downtown tour of historic Edmond.…
  • Eat's on 8th & Harvey (Oklahoma City) Eat's on 8th & Harvey is a free, monthly family-friendly food truck festival that offers some of the finest…
  • Equality Run (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) The Equality Run, held in Oklahoma City, is a fun community event featuring one mile, 5K and 10K races along the scenic…
  • Fiction Writers Retreat (Rose State College - Midwest City) Band together with fellow writers for an afternoon spent listening to guest speakers dole out advice on honing skills of…
  • Tuttle Fraternal Order of Police Car Show (First Baptist Church of Tuttle - Tuttle) Start Time: 9:00am WHO: Tuttle FOP WHAT: 1st Annual Car Show WHEN: June 17th WHERE: Tuttle Ice Cream Festival
    Tuttle FOP Car Show June 17th at the Tuttle First Baptist Church 14 SW 2nd Street Tuttle, OK. 9am to 4 pm. This will be during the Tuttle Ice Cream Festival. 50-50 Door Prizes and the winners receive a plaque.
  • 🏃 Gateway 5K4Life (Yukon High School - Yukon) 1st annual 5K Run, 1 Mile Walk and Romper Races - 3 levels - for babies 6 months to 18 months Gateway Women's Resource Center is becoming a medical clinic to broaden our resources to assist women, men and families.
  • Ghosts of Fort Reno Tour (Historic Fort Reno - El Reno) Come along on an exciting and spooky ghost tour at El Reno's historic Fort Reno. This ghost tour includes…
  • Grease (Mitch Park Amphitheatre - Edmond) Last Day Come to Mitch Park Amphitheatre in Edmond for a lively production of “Grease.” This classic 1971 musical is…
  • Heard on Hurd (Edmond) On the third Saturday of each month, downtown Edmond hosts a pop-up community celebration called Heard on Hurd. Walk…
  • Tuttle Ice Cream Festival (Tuttle City Hall - Tuttle) Come to Tuttle for the 26th annual Ice Cream Festival and enjoy ice cream flavors from Braum's. The day is full of…
  • Iowa Tribal Powwow (Iowa Tribal Complex - Perkins) 1 day left The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma will host its annual Iowa Tribal Powwow this June, and the public is invited to attend a…
  • Jazz in June (Brookhaven Village & Andrews Park - Norman) Last Day Jazz in June, Norman's outdoor jazz and blues festival, continues its 30+ year tradition of bringing Oklahoma and…
  • Made in Oklahoma Fest (Reed Conference Center - Midwest City) WHAT: Mother Road Car Show WHEN: June 17th WHERE: Reed Conference Center
    Benefiting Toys for Tots $20 registration fee with an un wrapped toy / $25 registration fee Register at -
  • Moore High School Band 2nd Annual Car & Bike SHow (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Show us your ride and support the Moore High School Band All modes of transport welcome, 15 different categories! Cars, Trucks, Bikes, 4x4s! $25 Entry ~ $20 early bird registraiton (Before May 15th) $40 Vendor Booth Raffles 50/50 Pot Door Prizes Free to Spectators Fun for all ages! Kona Ice Food Trucks Vendors and more Moore High School Band…
  • OKPEX Stamp Collector Show (Reed Conference Center - Midwest City) Day 2 of 2 Come to trade, view and network with other collectors at Oklahoma’s only national stamp collecting event, OKPEX.…
  • One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) 1 day left CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time ago....
    Charles Ross…
  • 😂 Ricky Reyes (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • 🏃 Run for Recognition 5K (Oklahoma City) Join us for the 5th Annual Run for Recognition benefiting Special Olympics Oklahoma! This 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run serves to raise awareness and money for our local Special Olympics community.
  • 🏃 Soulcon 5K (Stars & Stripes Park - Oklahoma City)
  • Spirit, Mind & Body Expo (Biltmore Hotel - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 If you're interested in metaphysical subjects, you'll want to check out the Spirit, Mind & Body Expo held at…
  • Shawnee Trail Days (Downtown - Shawnee) Day 2 of 2 Go back in time at Shawnee Trail Days, where history comes alive with live demonstrations, a cooking contest and plenty…
  • Wait Until Dark (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Jun 24th Join Lincoln County On-Stage in Chandler for a production of Frederick Knott's 1966 Broadway play, "Wait Until…

Sunday, Jun 18th

  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • Iowa Tribal Powwow (Iowa Tribal Complex - Perkins) Last Day The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma will host its annual Iowa Tribal Powwow this June, and the public is invited to attend a…
  • One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Last Day CityRep presents the return of the funny-guy-Jedi Charles Ross in the smash hit show, ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY®
    In honor of this year's 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, CityRep, Oklahoma's award-winning professional theatre, is bringing back an audience family fun favorite from a long, long time ago....
    Charles Ross…
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • Spirit, Mind & Body Expo (Biltmore Hotel - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 If you're interested in metaphysical subjects, you'll want to check out the Spirit, Mind & Body Expo held at…
  • Wait Until Dark (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Jun 24th Join Lincoln County On-Stage in Chandler for a production of Frederick Knott's 1966 Broadway play, "Wait Until…

Monday, Jun 19th

  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • Wait Until Dark (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Jun 24th Join Lincoln County On-Stage in Chandler for a production of Frederick Knott's 1966 Broadway play, "Wait Until…

Tuesday, Jun 20th

  • Bike Week Oklahoma (Sparks America Campground - Sparks) Thru Sun, Jun 25th Join the fun with people from all over the nation at Bike Week Oklahoma. Held at Sparks America Campground in Sparks,…
  • Wait Until Dark (Lincoln County On-Stage - Chandler) Thru Sat, Jun 24th Join Lincoln County On-Stage in Chandler for a production of Frederick Knott's 1966 Broadway play, "Wait Until…
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each…

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My idea for a season.

I'm reposting this because I refuse to believe my idea sucks that bad. The first time I posted it I didn't even get an upvote lol
So my idea is AHS:Brothel. It will center around a brothel in which the whores were all kidnapped and smuggled from other countries. The people who own the brothel are part of a satanic cult searching for the right woman to bear the Antichrist. Imagine a room in the basement with jars full of horribly deformed fetuses lining the shelves, these are the failed attempts at giving birth to the antichrist which ended up in stillborn babies with horrible deformities. Satanic rituals and sacrifices take place in the brothel, whose owner is the father of a very famous rock star who owes his fame to hus father's pact with the devil. The brothel has three owners, sort of like a council, who are hardcore satanists. One is a woman, she us a famous pop star who has been in the spot light since the eighties and is still releasing hits, who also seems to not age almist at all. Another is a man, millionaire and business elite, who owns businesses from Hotels to Petroleum companies to Banks. The third is the father of the famous rock star, owning a major movie producing company and being a famous movie producer. They all owe their fame and glory to the devil himself and do as much as they can to keep the success coming, sometimes even sacrifice their loved ones. The whores are all kept prisoners and are forced to train to be seductive, those who rebel or try to escape are tortured, sometimes to death in red rooms inside the brothel while an audience pays to have their specific torture done to the victim. The brothel exclusively serves the elite and the biggest Hollywood stars. Snuff films are also made in the brothel and marketed in the dark web, with the sole purpose of satisfying the devil. The businessman is a closeted homosexual who keeps male victims for his enjoyment, usually bringing them to the brothel by tricking them, promising to help them become famous. Most of the whores brought to the brothel are frkm poor countries or parts of countries around the world, they can be bought by millionaires and if the owners of tge brothel think they are a fit candidate, are forced to commit acts of blasphemy and letting the devil plant his seed inside them. The rock star son of the movie priducer is not aware that his father owns a brothel, or even that he owes his fame to the devil himself. Somewhere along the way a one of the whores gets possessed and makes a disaster in the brothel. The female owner of the brothel is a cannibal who believes eating beautiful young people keeps her young and beautiful. There is an angel who roams the brothel and stols the antichrist from being born, as well as bring protection to the innocent girls in the brothel. Demons also roam the brothel tormenting the less innocent whores as well as the brothel's staff, whuch consists of thugs and willing whores who train the innocent girls. One of the girls is gifted with clairvoyance and tries her best to bring the brothel down and escape, she is from the witches that belong in the Coven and is inspired by watching a show on the Academy to extend her powers. There is also a woman who tries to infiltrate the brothel in search of her daughter, who teams up with one of the whores who managed to escape and spends her time trying to bring the brothel down. In my opinion it'd be best to make it like Asylum, a dark and desperate season with mostly non supernatural horrors.
My ideal cast would be: Sarah Paulson as the female owner of the brothel, I liked her as the bad guy in Hotel and it'd be nice to see more of that. Dennis O'hare as the one who is the producer and father of the rock star. Finn Wittrock as the clueless rockstar. Evan Peters as a band member with the rockstar. Jessica Lange as the desperate mother trying to rescue her daughter from the brothel. Angela Bassett as the escaled whore who teams up with Jessica. Taissa Farmiga as Jessica's daughter, only that she's not really her daughter, Jessica's daughter died when she gave birth but she beckmes obsessed with Taissa's character which turns out to be a good thing, they both come from Ukraine or Slovakia (those Russian-like european countries). Jhon Travolta as the business elite with a fetish for guys ( he's in American Crime Story so I guess it wouldn't be hard to cast him into ahs). Matt Bomer as one of Travolta's male whores, possibly his favorite. Lily Rabe as the whore who gets possessed (imagine some Mary Eunice type shit with Misty Day's badassery). It'd be nice to see Emma Roberts, Alexandra Breckenridge, Chloe Sevigny, and Lizzie Brochiere as whores (sounds kinda fucked up lol). Kathy Bates and Frances Conroy are enemies of Sarah Paulson's character trying to infiltrate the brothel to see if that's where she hides her secret to staying young, because they know something others don't really know, Sarah Paulson's character is even older than they are. Dylan McDermott is a business man, enemy of Travolta's character, also trying to infiltrate the brothel, but to see if he can find evidence to destroy the elite's reputation, knowing the place (disguised as a nightclub and casino) is a brothel. Cuba Gooding Jr. came from Africa searching for his wife who was taken, when he receives a picture of his wife and the brothel. Kerry Washington as Cuba's character's wife, she hides her pregnancy and gives birth in the brothel, to a healthy baby who she hides until she gives him to Dillan's character to keep safe. I'd love to see Lana Del Rey in ahs, she'd be the whore with the super powers. Zachary Quinto as part of the staff at the brothel, he'd be like the annoying character who ruins every attempt at escape the girls make. Angelina Jolie (far fetched?) as the angel who roams the brothel, dressed in a ragged gown with damaged wings and covered in strange tattoos. Also, maybe Lana Del Rey could be the angel and Taissa's character the one with powers. I'd also like to see racial variety with the whores, they are brought from different countries after all, so maybe Zoe Saldaña, Brenda Song, Lupita Nyong'o, Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, maybe even Rihanna or Beyonce as some of the whores.
Anyways, hope y'all like it more now, if not I guess I quit lol
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All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2009 (out of the 7,004 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Aussie + Ted’s Great Adventure (Director: Shuki Levy)
  2. Bomb! (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  3. Curious George II: Follow That Monkey! (Director: Norton Virgien)
  4. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  5. Hannah Montana: The Movie (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  6. Jack And The Beanstalk (Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe)
  7. Kikkerdril (Director: Simone van Dusseldorp)
  8. Mandie + The Secret Tunnel (Directors: Joy Chapman + Owen Smith)
  9. Opposite Day (Director: R. Michael Givens)
  10. Pelle Politibil går i vannet (Rasmus A. Sivertsen)
  11. Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (Director: Tom Whitus)
  12. The Legacy (Director: Bernard Émond)
  13. The Mighty Macs (Director: Tim Chambers)
  14. The Princess And The Frog (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  15. The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit (Directors: David Mucci Fassett + Michael Hack)
  16. The True Story Of Puss ‘N Boots (Directors: Jérôme Deschamps, Pascal Hérold + Macha Makeïeff)
  17. The Velveteen Rabbit (Director: Michael Landon, Jr.)
  18. The Wild Stallion (Director: Craig Clyde)
  19. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure (Director: Klay Hall)
  20. Trail Of The Panda (Director: Zhong Yu)
  1. A Christmas Carol (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  2. A Little Bit Of Faith (Director: Tiana Hailey)
  3. A Shine Of Rainbows (Director: Vic Sarin)
  4. Adam (Director: Joseph Minasi)
  5. Alabama Moon (Director: Tim McCanlies)
  6. Alien Trespass (Director: R.W. Goodwin)
  7. Aliens In The Attic (Director: John Schultz)
  8. Alvin + The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Director: Betty Thomas)
  9. Amargura (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  10. Amelia (Director: Mira Nair)
  11. Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (Director: Luc Besson)
  12. Astro Boy (Director: David Bowers)
  13. Babysitters Beware (Director: Douglas Horn)
  14. Bandslam (Director: Todd Graff)
  15. Bigfoot (Director: Kevin Tenney)
  16. Bride Wars (Director: Gary Winick)
  17. Bright Star (Director: Jane Campion)
  18. Broken Hill (Director: Dagen Merrill)
  19. C Me Dance (Director: Greg Robbins)
  20. Cairo Time (Director: Ruba Nadda)
  21. Call Of The Wild (Director: Richard Gabai)
  22. Cayman Went (Director: Bobby Sheehan)
  23. Christmas Angel (Director: Brian Brough)
  24. Christmas In Beverly Hills (Director: Neri Parenti)
  25. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Directors: Phil Lord + Christopher Miller)
  26. Confessions Of A Shopaholic (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  27. Coraline (Director: Henry Selick)
  28. Coyote County Loser (Director: Jason Naumann)
  29. Disco Cops: The Movie (Director: Tanner Robbins)
  30. Dragonball: Evolution (Director: James Wong)
  31. Earthwork (Director: Chris Ordal)
  32. Faces (Director: Thomas R. Dickens)
  33. Fame (Director: Kevin Tancharoen)
  34. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Director: Wes Anderson)
  35. From Time To Time (Director: Julian Fellowes)
  36. G-Force (Director: Hoyt Yeatman)
  37. A Ted Named Gooby (Gooby) (Director: Wilson Coneybeare)
  38. Harry Potter + The Half-Blood Prince (Director: David Yates)
  39. Heiran (Director: Shalizeh Arefpoor)
  40. Hiroshima (Director: Pablo Stoll)
  41. Hotel For Dogs (Director: Thor Freudenthal)
  42. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Directors: Carlos Saldanha + Mike Thurmeier)
  43. If God Wants (Director: Arthur Diennet)
  44. Jump (Director: Stephen Fung)
  45. Little Hercules (in 3-D) (Director: Mohamed Khashoggi)
  46. Looking For Jackie (Directors: Gangliang Fang + Ping Jiang)
  47. Lost In The Woods (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  48. Luke And Lucy: The Texas Rangers (Directors: Wim Bien + Mark Mertens)
  49. Mao’s Last Dancer (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  50. Minor Details (Director: John Lyde)
  51. Monsters vs. Aliens (Directors: Rob Letterman + Conrad Vernon)
  52. Nativity! (Director: Debbie Isitt)
  53. New In Town (Director: Jonas Elmer)
  54. Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian (Director: Shawn Levy)
  55. Old Dogs (Director: Walt Becker)
  56. One Good Man (Director: Christian Vuissa)
  57. Party Time: The Movie (Director: Juanma Fernández-Paris)
  58. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Director: Steve Carr)
  59. Pedro (Director: undisclosed)
  60. Planet 51 (Directors: Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad + Marcos Martínez)
  61. Princess Kaiulani (Director: Marc Forby)
  62. Race To Witch Mountain (Director: Andy Fickman)
  63. Raising Kayn (Director: Colton Tran)
  64. Right Hand Drive (Director: Mark Kalbskopf)
  65. Seafoam + Salmon (Director: Sarah Kim)
  66. Shadows Of The Past (Director: Warren Ryan)
  67. Shannon’s Rainbow (Director: Frank E. Johnson)
  68. Shorts (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  69. Silent Nights (Director: Tom Poehlmann)
  70. Sticky Fingers (Director: Ken Scott)
  71. Summer Wars (Director: Mamoru Hosoda)
  72. Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion (Director: Ray Griggs)
  73. The Bee (Director: David Rountree)
  74. The Dolphin: Story Of A Dreamer (Director: Eduardo Schuldt)
  75. The Last Passport (Directors: Kent Smith + David Temple)
  76. The Lightkeepers (Director: Daniel Adams)
  77. The Lost + Found Family (Director: Barnet Bain)
  78. The Perfect Game (Director: William Dear)
  79. The Pink Panther II (Director: Harald Zwart)
  80. The Prodigy (Director: Robert D. Hanna)
  81. The Search (Director: Perna Tseden)
  82. The Stinkville Monster (Director: Tony Trombo)
  83. The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (Director: Florian Baxmeyer)
  84. The Young Victoria (Director: Jean-Marc Vallée)
  85. Toys In The Attic (Directors: Jirí Barta + Vivian Schilling)
  86. Up (Director: Pete Docter + Bob Peterson)
  87. When North Winds Blow (Director: James M. De Vince)
  88. Where The Wild Things Are (Director: Spike Jonze)
  89. Wild Grass (Director: Alain Resnais)
  1. 12 Rounds (Director: Renny Harlin)
  2. 17 Again (Director: Burr Steers)
  3. 2012 (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  4. 3 Idiots (Director: Rajkumar Hirani)
  5. (500) Days Of Summer (Director: Marc Webb)
  6. 9 (Director: Shane Acker)
  7. A Secret Promise (Director: Fred Manocherian)
  8. A Serious Man (Director: Joel Coen)
  9. According To Greta (Director: Nancy Bardawil)
  10. Adam (Director: Max Mayer)
  11. After Last Season (Director: Mark Region)
  12. All About Steve (Director: Phil Traill)
  13. All Ages Night (Director: Nancy Montuori Stein)
  14. All For Liberty (Director: Chris Weatherhead)
  15. All’s Faire In Love (Director: Scott Marshall)
  16. Amor y Frijoles (Directors: Mathew Kodath + Hernan Pereira)
  17. Amreeka (Director: Cherien Dabis)
  18. An Education (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  19. Angels + Demons (Director: Ron Howard)
  20. Armored (Director: Nimród Antal)
  21. Avatar (Director: James Cameron)
  22. B-Girl (Director: Emily Dell)
  23. Better The Devil You Know (Director: Greg Augustine)
  24. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Director: Peter Hyams)
  25. Black Sheep (Director: Humberto Hinojosa Ozcariz)
  26. Black + Blue (Director: Jill Maxcy)
  27. Bounty (Director: Jared Isham)
  28. Bran Nue Dae (Director: Rachel Perkins)
  29. Carriers (Directors: David Pastor + Àlex Pastor)
  30. Chandni Chowk To China (Director: Nikkhil Advani)
  31. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Director: Paul Weitz)
  32. City Island (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  33. Coco Before Chanel (Director: Anne Fontaine)
  34. Cold Souls (Director: Sophie Barthes)
  35. Couples Retreat (Director: Peter Billingsley)
  36. Creation (Director: Jon Amiel)
  37. Dance Flick (Director: Damien Dante Wayans)
  38. Dear Lemon Lima (Director: Suzi Yoonessi)
  39. Did You Hear About The Morgans? (Director: Marc Lawrence)
  40. Drag Me To Hell (Director: Sam Raimi)
  41. Dragon Hunter (Director: Stephen Shimek)
  42. Duplicity (Director: Tony Gilroy)
  43. Echelon Conspiracy (Director: Greg Marcks)
  44. Endgame (Director Pete Travis)
  45. Everybody’s Fine (Director: Kirk Jones)
  46. Fanboys (Director: Kyle Newman)
  47. Farzaneh (Director: David Brokhim)
  48. Fast + Furious (Director: Justin Lin)
  49. Father And Guns (Director: Émile Gaudreault)
  50. Fighting (Director: Dito Montiel)
  51. Fire From Below (Directors: Andrew Stevens + Jim Wynorski)
  52. Fired Up! (Director: Will Gluck)
  53. Flying By (Director: Jim Amatulli)
  54. For Sale By Owner (Director: Robert J. Wilson)
  55. Forget (Director: Jacob Landis-Eigsti)
  56. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (Director: Gareth Carrivick)
  57. From Mexico With Love (Director: Jimmy Nickerson)
  58. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  59. Gentlemen Broncos (Director: Jared Hess)
  60. Get Low (Director: Aaron Schneider)
  61. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (Director: Mark Waters)
  62. God Send Me A Man (Directors: Emmbre Perry + Curtis Von)
  63. God, Me...HIV? One Man Show (Directors: Devin T. Robinson + Darien F. Rodriguez)
  64. Grilling Bobby Hicks (Director: Tommy Wood)
  65. H2O Extreme (Director: William Scharpf)
  66. He’s Just Not That Into You (Director: Ken Kwapis)
  67. Hell’s Fury: Wanted Dead Or Alive (Director: Alan Chan)
  68. HER (Directors: Tyrone Tann + Omega Kayne)
  69. Hillbilly Bob Zombie (Director: Ray Basham)
  70. Hurricane Season (Director: Tim Story)
  71. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (Director: Tyler Perry)
  72. I Hate Valentine’s Day (Director: Nia Vardalos)
  73. I Love You, Beth Cooper (Director: Chris Columbus)
  74. Imagine That (Director: Karey Kirkpatrick)
  75. Invictus (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  76. Irene In Time (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  77. It’s A Mismatch (Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad)
  78. Julie + Julia (Director: Nora Ephron)
  79. Karma Calling (Director: Sarba Das)
  80. Knowing (Director: Alex Proyas)
  81. Labor Pains (Director: Lara Shapiro)
  82. Land Of The Lost (Director: Brad Silberling)
  83. Like Dandelion Dust (Director: Jon Gunn)
  84. Love Happens (Director: Brandon Camp)
  85. Love Hurts (Director: Barra Grant)
  86. Love N’ Dancing (Director: Robert Iscove)
  87. Lurking Under Life (Director: William Conrad)
  88. Mack Hanglider (Directors: Mark Macaluso + Peter Macaluso)
  89. Madea Goes To Jail (Director: Tyler Perry)
  90. Mega Diva (Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo)
  91. Mexican Gold (Director: Chuck Walker)
  92. Monster Beach Party (Director: Jay Wade Edwards)
  93. Motherhood (Director: Katherine Dieckmann)
  94. My Life In Ruins (Director: Donald Petrie)
  95. My One And Only (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  96. My Sister’s Keeper (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  97. Nine (Director: Rob Marshall)
  98. Ninja Masters (Director: Xin Xin Xiong)
  99. No Greater Love (Director: Brad J. Silverman)
  100. Nobody (Director: Rob Perez)
  101. Not Easily Broken (Director: Bill Duke)
  102. Not Since You (Director: Jeff Stephenson)
  103. Nowhere To Hide (Director: John Murlowski)
  104. Obsessed (Director: Steve Shill)
  105. Ondine (Director: Neil Jordan)
  106. Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! (Director: Evgeny Afineevsky)
  107. Palo Pinto Gold (Director: Anthony Henslee)
  108. Paper Heart (Director: Nicholas Jasenovec)
  109. Partners (Director: Peter James Iengo)
  110. Passport To Love (Director: Victor Vu)
  111. Pastor Browne (Director: Rockmond Dunbar)
  112. Pennsylvania Is For Lovers (Director: Mickey Reece)
  113. Play The Game (Director: Marc Fienberg)
  114. Poema de salvación (Director: Brian Dublin)
  115. Poker Run (Director: Julian Higgins)
  116. Post Grad (Director: Vicky Jenson)
  117. Push (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  118. Ripples (Director: Marc Williams)
  119. Rock Slyde (Director: Chris Dowling)
  120. Royal Kill (Director: Babar Ahmed)
  121. Sabotage (Director: Reza Sixo Fafai)
  122. Sherlock Holmes (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  123. Something Blue (Directors: Sean Dillon + Curtis Krick)
  124. Spyware (Director: Grant Richards)
  125. Star Quest (Director: Jon Bonnell)
  126. Star Trek (Director: J.J. Abrams)
  127. State Of Play (Director: Kevin McDonald)
  128. Stay Cool (Director: Michael Polish)
  129. Steppin: The Movie (Director: Michael Taliferro)
  130. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  131. Sugarland (Director: Kenny Fisher)
  132. Surrogates (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  133. Terminator: Salvation (Director: McG)
  134. That Evening Sun (Director: Scott Teems)
  135. The Blind Side (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  136. The Box (Director: Richard Kelly)
  137. The Boys Are Back (Director: Scott Hicks)
  138. The Break-Up Artist (Director: Steve Woo)
  139. The City Of Your Final Destination (Director: James Ivory)
  140. The Concert (Director: Radu Mihaileanu)
  141. The Deported (Director: Lance Kawas)
  142. The Fourth Kind (Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi)
  143. The Greatest Song (Director: Sarah Poindexter)
  144. The Gun (Director: Julio Alvarez)
  145. The Haunting In Connecticut (Director: Peter Cornwell)
  146. The Hole (Director: Joe Dante)
  147. The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  148. The Indian (Director: Ineke Houtman)
  149. The Invention Of Lying (Directors: Ricky Gervais + Matthew Robinson)
  150. The Jerk Theory (Director: Scott S. Anderson)
  151. The Least Among You (Director: Mark Young)
  152. The Lovely Bones (Director: Peter Jackson)
  153. The Maiden Heist (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  154. The Marc Pease Experience (Director: Todd Louiso)
  155. The New Daughter (Director: Luiso Berdejo)
  156. The Open Road (Director: Michael Meredith)
  157. The Proposal (Director: Anne Fletcher)
  158. The Shortcut (Director: Nicholaus Goossen)
  159. The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay (Director: Howard Michael Gould)
  160. The Smell Of Success (Director: Michael Polish)
  161. The Soloist (Director: Joe Wright)
  162. The Stepfather (Director: Nelson McCormick)
  163. The Storm Warriors (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  164. The Strip (Director: Jameel Khan)
  165. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Director: Robert Schwentke)
  166. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Director: Chris Weitz)
  167. The Unborn (Director: David S. Goyer)
  168. The Uninvited (Directors: Charles Guard + Thomas Guard)
  169. The Way (Director: Vladimir Pasichnik)
  170. The Winning Season (Director: Jim Strouse)
  171. The Yankles (Director: David R. Brooks)
  172. To Save A Life (Director: Brian Baugh)
  173. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Director: Michael Bay)
  174. Under The Mountain (Director: Jonathan King)
  175. Whatever Works (Director: Woody Allen)
  176. Where The Lotus Blooms (Director: Metrey Keo)
  177. Whip It (Director: Drew Barrymore)
  178. White Wedding (Director: Jann Turner)
  179. White On Rice (Director: Dave Boyle)
  180. Wild About Harry (Director: Gwen Wynne)
  181. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Director: Gavin Hood)
  182. Year One (Director: Harold Ramis)
  183. You Are Not The Father! (Director: Gerron DelValle)
  1. (Untitled) (Director: Jonathan Parker)
  2. 21 + a Wake Up (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  3. 31 North 62 East (Director: Tristan Loraine)
  4. 44 Inch Chest (Director: Malcolm Venville)
  5. A Heavenly Vintage (Director: Niki Caro)
  6. A Perfect Getaway (Director: David Twohy)
  7. A Prophet (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  8. A Single Man (Director: Tom Ford)
  9. A Vampire’s Tale (Director: Drew Cullingham)
  10. A Woman, A Gun + A Noodle Shop (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  11. Accidents Happen (Director: Andrew Lancaster)
  12. Across The Hall (Director: Alex Merkin)
  13. Adopted (Director: Pauly Shore)
  14. Adventureland (Director: Greg Mottola)
  15. After.Life (Director: Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo)
  16. Against The Current (Director: Peter Callahan)
  17. Agora (Director: Alejandro Amenábar)
  18. Albino Farm (Director: Joe Anderson)
  19. All American Orgy (Director: Andrew Drazek)
  20. Alpha Males Experiment (Knuckle Draggers) (Director: Alex Ranarivelo)
  21. Amar (Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez)
  22. Amar a morir (Director: Fernando Lebrija)
  23. American Cowslip (Director: Mark David)
  24. American Virgin (Director: Clare Kilner)
  25. Angel Of Death (Director: Paul Etheredge)
  26. Anytown (Director: Dave Rodriguez)
  27. Applause (Director: Martin Zandvliet)
  28. April Showers (Director: Andrew Robinson)
  29. Assault Of The Sasquatch (Director: Andrew Gernhard)
  30. Attack On Darfur (Director: Uwe Boll)
  31. Autumn (Director: Steven Rumbelow)
  32. Away We Go (Director: Sam Mendes)
  33. Baby On Board (Director: Brian Herzlinger)
  34. Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans (Director: Werner Herzog)
  35. Baja Beach Bums (Director: Patrick Healy)
  36. Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach (Director: Danny Leiner)
  37. Bangkok Adrenaline (Director: Raimund Huber)
  38. Bazookas: The Movie (Director: Michael G. Leonard)
  39. Beautiful (Director: Dean O’Flaherty)
  40. Beautiful Kate (Director: Rachel Ward)
  41. Beauty + The Beast (Director: David Lister)
  42. Behaving Badly (Director: Juan Drago)
  43. Big Fan (Director: Robert D. Siegel)
  44. Bitch Slap (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  45. Black (Director: Pierre Laffargue)
  46. Black Dynamite (Director: Scott Sanders)
  47. Blackface Killer (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  48. Bled (Director: Christopher Hutson)
  49. Blood Creek (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  50. Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet (Director: Frank Sabatella)
  51. Blood + Bone (Director: Ben Ramsey)
  52. Blood: The Last Vampire (Director: Chris Nahon)
  53. Bob Funk (Director: Craig Carlisle)
  54. Boogie Woogie (Director: Duncan Ward)
  55. Book Of Blood (Director: John Harrison)
  56. Breaking Point (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  57. Broken Embraces (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  58. Brooklyn’s Finest (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  59. Brother’s War (Director: Jerry Buteyn)
  60. Brotherhood (Director: Nicolo Donato)
  61. Brothers (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  62. Brüno (Director: Larry Charles)
  63. Cabin Fever II: Spring Fever (Director: Ti West)
  64. Calvin Marshall (Director: Gary Lundgren)
  65. Case 39 (Director: Christian Alvart)
  66. Chain Letter (Director: Deon Taylor)
  67. Chaw (Director: Jeong-won Shin)
  68. Chicago Overcoat (Director: Brian Caunter)
  69. Chloe (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  70. Chéri (Director: Stephen Frears)
  71. City Of Life + Death (Director: Chuan Lu)
  72. Clash (Director: Thanh Son Le)
  73. Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky (Director: Jan Kounen)
  74. Cold Storage (Director: Tony Elwood)
  75. Command Performance (Director: Dolph Lundgren)
  76. Cornered! (Director: Daniel Maze)
  77. Cracks (Director: Jordan Scott)
  78. Crank: High Voltage (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  79. Crazy Heart (Director: Scott Cooper)
  80. Creature Of Darkness (Director: Mark Stouffer)
  81. Crimes Of The Past (Director: Garrett Bennett)
  82. Crossing Over (Director: Wayne Kramer)
  83. Crush (Directors: Jeffrey Gerritsen + John V. Soto)
  84. Crush (Director: Michelle Fridley)
  85. Cyber Ninja (Director: James Arnett)
  86. Damage (Director: Jeff King)
  87. Damned By Dawn (Director: Brett Anstey)
  88. Dare (Director: Adam Salky)
  89. Dark Country (Director: Thomas Jane)
  90. Dark Fields (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  91. Dark Frontier (Director: Kriv Stenders)
  92. Dark House (Director: Darin Scott)
  93. Dark Moon Rising (Director: Dana Mennie)
  94. Daybreakers (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  95. Dead Man Running (Director: Alex De Rakoff)
  96. Deadland (Director: Damon O’Steen)
  97. Deadline (Director: Sean McConville)
  98. Death Warrior (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  99. Deep In The Valley (Director: Christian Forte)
  100. Defendor (Director: Peter Stebbings)
  101. Desert Flower (Director: Sherry Hormann)
  102. Diagnosis: Death (Director: Jason Stutter)
  103. Direct Contact (Director: Danny Lerner)
  104. Dismal (Director: Gary King)
  105. District 13: Ultimatum (Director: Patrick Alessandrin)
  106. District 9 (Director: Neill Blomkamp)
  107. Dolan’s Cadillac (Director: Jeff Beesley)
  108. Don McKay (Director: Jake Goldberger)
  109. Don’t Let Me Down (Director: Cruz Angeles)
  110. Don’t Look Up (Director: Fruit Chan)
  111. Dorian Gray (Director: Oliver Parker)
  112. Double Identity (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  113. Down Terrace (Director: Ben Wheatley)
  114. Down For Life (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  115. Dread (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
  116. Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (Director: Michael Feifer)
  117. Elsewhere (Director: Nathan Hope)
  118. End Game (Director: Bruce Koehler)
  119. Endless Bummer (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  120. Evil Things (Director: Dominic Perez)
  121. Extract (Director: Mike Judge)
  122. Eyeborgs (Director: Richard Clabaugh)
  123. Eyes Of The Woods (Directors: Darrin Reed, F. Miguel Valenti + Mark Villalobos)
  124. Falling Awake (Director: Agustin)
  125. Fatal Secrets (Director: Meir Sharony)
  126. Finding Bliss (Director: Julie Davis)
  127. Fireball (Director: Thanakorn Pongsuwan)
  128. Five Minutes Of Heaven (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel)
  129. Force Of Five (Director: Krissanapong Rachata)
  130. Forget Me Not (Director: Tyler Oliver)
  131. Formosa Betrayed (Director: Adam Kane)
  132. Four Boxes (Director: Wyatt McDill)
  133. Frankenhood (Director: Blaxwell Smart)
  134. Frat Party (Director: Robert Bennett)
  135. Friday The 13th (Director: Marcus Nispel)
  136. Frozen Kiss (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  137. Funny People (Director: Judd Apatow)
  138. Fury (Director: Liz Lehmann)
  139. Gamer (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  140. Ghost Machine (Director: Chris Hartwill)
  141. Ghost Month (Director: Danny Draven)
  142. Giallo (Director: Dario Argento)
  143. Give ‘em Hell Malone (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  144. Glorious 39 (Director: Stephen Poliakoff)
  145. Good Guys Finish Last (Director: Riley Wood)
  146. Grace (Director: Paul Solet)
  147. Halloween II (Director: Rob Zombie)
  148. Handsome Harry (Director: Bette Gordon)
  149. Happy Tears (Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein)
  150. Hard Times (Director: Tom Reeve)
  151. Hardwired (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  152. Harry Brown (Director: Daniel Barber)
  153. Heavy Weight On The Block (Director: F. Terrell Johnson)
  154. Helen (Director: Sandra Nettelbeck)
  155. Hellbinders (Directors: Mitch Gould, Hiro Koda + David Wald)
  156. Heroes (Director: Malcolm Brooks)
  157. Hidden (Director: Pål Øie)
  158. Hierarchy (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  159. High Life (Director: Gary Yates)
  160. Homecoming (Director: Morgan J. Freeman)
  161. Horsemen (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  162. House Broken (Director: Sam Harper)
  163. Humpday (Director: Lynn Shelton)
  164. Hunger (Director: Steven Hentges)
  165. Hurt (Director: Barbara Stepansky)
  166. I Am Love (Director: Luca Guadagnino)
  167. I Do...I Did! (Director: J. Jesses Smith)
  168. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Director: Bob Gosse)
  169. I Love You Phillip Morris (Directors: Glenn Ficarra + John Requa)
  170. I Love You Too (Director: Nerlin Stfleur)
  171. I Love You, Man (Director: John Hamburg)
  172. Ibrahim Labyad (Director: Marwan Hamed)
  173. Ikenhisu: To Kill With One Blow (Director: La’Mard J. WIngster)
  174. Immortally Yours (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  175. In Her Skin (Director: Simone North)
  176. In The Electric Mist (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  177. In The Eyes Of A Killer (Director: Louis Mandylor)
  178. InSearchOf (Director: Zeke Zelker)
  179. Infestation (Director: Kyle Rankin)
  180. Ingenious (Director: Jeff Balsmeyer)
  181. Inglourious Basterds (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  182. Into Temptation (Director: Patrick Coyle)
  183. It’s Complicated (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  184. Jarring (Director: Ivo Raza)
  185. Jennifer’s Body (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  186. Johnny Boy (Directors: Mickey Reece + James Paulsgrove)
  187. Jordan Saffron: Taste This! (Director: Sergio Myers)
  188. Just Another Day (Director: Peter Spirer)
  189. Kicking The Dog (Director: Randy Scooter Lammey)
  190. Kill Peter, Pay Paul (Directors: Kenny Foster + Dustin S. Massie)
  191. Kill Theory (Director: Chris Moore)
  192. Killer View (Director: Brian James O’Connell)
  193. Knife Edge (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  194. Know Thy Enemy (Director: Lee Cipolla)
  195. La Linea (The Line) (Director: James Cotton)
  196. La Mission (Director: Peter Bratt)
  197. La soga (Director: Josh Crook)
  198. Laid To Rest (Director: Robert Hall)
  199. Last Day Of Summer (Director: Vlad Yudin)
  200. Law Abiding Citizen (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  201. Leaves Of Grass (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  202. Lebanon (Director: Samuel Maoz)
  203. Legend Of The Bog (Director: Brendan Foley)
  204. Lies + Illusions (Director: Tibor Takács)
  205. Life During Wartime (Director: Todd Solondz)
  206. Life Is Hot In Cracktown (Director: Buddy Giovinazzo)
  207. Little Fish, Strange Pond (Director: Gregory Dark)
  208. Little New York (Director: James DeMonaco)
  209. Lofty Intentions (Director: Gerard Jamroz)
  210. Lost Angels (Director: Justin Voskian)
  211. Love Conquers Paul (Director: Colin Bannon)
  212. Love And Other Impossible Pursuits (Director: Don Roos)
  213. Love At First Hiccup (Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg)
  214. Loyalty The Movie (Director: Samuel Wheeler III)
  215. Lynch Mob (Director: Byron Conrad Erwin)
  216. Malice In Wonderland (Director: Simon Fellows)
  217. Mandrill (Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza)
  218. Maneater (Director: Michael Emanuel)
  219. Manson: My Name Is Evil (Director: Reginald Harkema)
  220. Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  221. Merantau (Director: Gareth Evans)
  222. Mercy (Director: Patrick Hoelck)
  223. Micmacs (Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  224. Middle Men (Director: George Gallo)
  225. Midgets vs. Mascots (Director: Ron Carlson)
  226. Miss March (Directors: Zach Cregger + Trevor Moore)
  227. Moon (Director: Duncan Jones)
  228. Mortal Sin (Director: David Von Roehm)
  229. Mother (Director: Bong Joon Ho)
  230. Mother + Child (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  231. Mr. Nobody (Director: Jaco Van Dormael)
  232. Mutants (Director: David Morlet)
  233. My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D) (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  234. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (Director: Werner Herzog)
  235. Mystery Train (Director: Dan Eckman)
  236. Mythical Creatures (Director: Mickey Reece)
  237. Neighbor (Director: Robert A. Masciantonio)
  238. Never Surrender (Director: Hector Echavarria)
  239. New Brooklyn (Director: Christopher Cannucciari)
  240. Next Day Air (Director: Benny Boom)
  241. Night Train (Director: Brian King)
  242. Night Of The Demons (Director: Adam Gierasch)
  243. Ninja (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  244. Ninja Assassin (Director: James McTeigue)
  245. No Boundaries (Directors: Violet Mendoza + Jake Willing)
  246. Not Forgotten (Director: Dror Soref)
  247. Notorious (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  248. Nowhere Boy (Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson)
  249. Observe And Report (Director: Jody Hill)
  250. Offspring (Director: Andrew van den Houten)
  251. Open Graves (Director: Álvaro de Armiñán)
  252. Orphan (Director: Jaume Collet-Serra)
  253. Orville (Director: Craig McMahon)
  254. Pandemic (Director: Jason Connery)
  255. Pandorum (Director: Christian Alvart)
  256. Paper Man (Directors: Kieran Mulroney + Michele Mulroney)
  257. Perkins’ 14 (Director: Craig Singer)
  258. Perrier’s Bounty (Director: Ian Fitzgibbon)
  259. Personal Effects (Director: David Hollander)
  260. Pirate Radio (Director: Richard Curtis)
  261. Powder Blue (Director: Timothy Linh Bui)
  262. Precious (Director: Lee Daniels)
  263. Protégé (Directors: Shannon Casto + Michelle Henderson)
  264. Public Enemies (Director: Michael Mann)
  265. Raging Phoenix (Director: Rashane Limtrakul)
  266. Rain Fall (Director: Max Mannix)
  267. Rampage (Director: Uwe Boll)
  268. Ratko: The Dictator’s Son (Directors: Savage Steve Holland + Kevin Speckmaier)
  269. Ready For Not (Director: Sean Doyle)
  270. [rec.] II (Directors: Jaume Balagueró + Paco Plaza)
  271. Red Hook (Director: Elizabeth Lucas)
  272. Red Sands (Director: Alex Turner)
  273. Redemption (Director: Robert Conway)
  274. Revenge: True Story (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  275. Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (Director: Júlíus Kemp)
  276. RiffRaff (Director: Justen Naughton)
  277. Robodoc (Director: Stephen Maddocks)
  278. Rough Winds (Director: Andrea Olabarría)
  279. Running On Empty Dreams (Director: Nitara Lee Osbourne)
  280. S. Darko (Director: Chris Fisher)
  281. Saddle Up With Dick Wrangler + Injun Joe (Director: Todd Wolfe)
  282. Saint John Of Las Vegas (Director: Hue Rhodes)
  283. Saving Grace B. Jones (Director: Connie Stevens)
  284. Saw VI (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  285. Serious Moonlight (Director: Cheryl Hines)
  286. Shank (Directors: Simon Pearce + Christian martin)
  287. Shark City (Director: Dan Eisen)
  288. Shattered Focus (Director: Joshua Tolby)
  289. Shinjuku Incident (Director: Tung-Shing Yee)
  290. Shrink (Director: Jonas Pate)
  291. Shroud (Director: David Jetre)
  292. Silent Night, Zombie Night (Director: Sean Cain)
  293. Silent Shame (Director: Juan Frausto)
  294. Sin Nombre (Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga)
  295. Slaughter (Director: Stewart Hopewell)
  296. Slave (Director: Darryn Welch)
  297. Smalltimore (Director: Jeanie M. Clark)
  298. Smile Pretty (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  299. Solitary Man (Directors: Brian Koppelman + David Levien)
  300. Solomon Kane (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  301. Sorority Row (Director: Stewart Hendler)
  302. Splice (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  303. Splinterheads (Director: Brant Sersen)
  304. Spooner (Director: Drake Doremus)
  305. Spread (Director: David Mackenzie)
  306. Spring Breakdown (Director: Ryan Shiraki)
  307. Stan Helsing (Director: Bo Zenga)
  308. Stolen (Director: Anders Anderson)
  309. Strangers Online (Director: John Huckert)
  310. Street Boss (Director: Lance Kawas)
  311. Street Dreams (Director: Chris Zamoscianyk)
  312. Streetballers (Director: Matt Krentz)
  313. Stuntmen (Director: Eric Amadio)
  314. Suck (Director: Rob Stefaniuk)
  315. Sugar Boxx (Director: Cody Jarrett)
  316. Summer’s Moon (Director: Lee Demarbre)
  317. Sundo (Director: Topel Lee)
  318. Survival Of The Dead (Director: George A. Romero)
  319. Sutures (Director: Tammi Sutton)
  320. Sway (Director: Sean Ireland)
  321. Sweet Karma (Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt)
  322. Sword Of War (Director: Renzo Martinelli)
  323. Table For Three (Director: Michael Samonek)
  324. Taking Chances (Director: Talmage Cooley)
  325. Taking Woodstock (Director: Ang Lee)
  326. Tanner Hall (Directors: Francesca Gregorini + Tatiana von Furstenberg)
  327. Tell Tale (Director: Michael Cuesta)
  328. Tenderness (Director: John Polson)
  329. Tetro (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  330. The 420 Movie (Directors: James Blackburn, Scott Flick, + Robert Nathan Gleason)
  331. The Answer Man (Director: John Hindman)
  332. The Assailant (Director: João Daniel Tikhomiroff)
  333. The Assassin Next Door (Director: Danny Lerner)
  334. The Beacon (Director: Michael Stokes)
  335. The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond (Director: Gabriel Bologna)
  336. The Bleeding (Director: Charlie Picerni)
  337. The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Director: Troy Duffy)
  338. The Boxer (Director: Thomas Jahn)
  339. The Bridge To Nowhere (Director: Blair Underwood)
  340. The Broken Hearts Club (Director: Angelo Bell)
  341. The Brotherhood V: Alumni (Director: David DeCoteau)
  342. The Buffalo Son (Directors: Colin Davis, Bryan Felber + Sam France)
  343. The Butterfly Effect III: Revelations (Director: Seth Grossman)
  344. The Canyon (Director: Richard Harrah)
  345. The Casino Job (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  346. The Collector (Director: Marcus Dunstan)
  347. The Cry Of The Owl (Director: Jamie Thraves)
  348. The Crypt (Director: Craig McMahon)
  349. The Damned United (Director: Tom Hooper)
  350. The Dark Lurking (Director: Gregory Connors)
  351. The Descent: Part II (Director: Jon Harris)
  352. The Devil’s Ground (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  353. The Devil’s Tomb (Director: Jason Connery)
  354. The Director’s Cut (Director: Paul Komadina)
  355. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (Director: J. Blakeson)
  356. The Donner Party (Director: Terrence Martin)
  357. The Echo Game (Director: Brian Feeney)
  358. The Eclipse (Director: Conor McPherson)
  359. The Fighter (Director: Javier Barbera)
  360. The Final Destination (Director: David R. Ellis)
  361. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  362. The Girl Who Played With Fire (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  363. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Director: Niels Arden Oplev)
  364. The Girlfriend Experience (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  365. The Good Guy (Director: Julio DePietro)
  366. The Good Heart (Director: Dagur Kári)
  367. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Director: Neal Brennan)
  368. The Graves (Director: Brian Pulido)
  369. The Greatest (Director: Shana Feste)
  370. The Grudge III (Director: Toby Wilkins)
  371. The Gunslingers (Director: Adam Oxsen)
  372. The Hangover (Director: Todd Phillips)
  373. The Haunting (Director: Elio Quiroga)
  374. The Hiding (Director: Ramon Hamilton)
  375. The Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine (Director: Jesse V. Johnson)
  376. The House Of The Devil (Director: Ti West)
  377. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Director: Tom Six)
  378. The Hungry Ghosts (Director: Michael Imperioli)
  379. The Informant! (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  380. The International (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  381. The Invisible Chronicles (Director: David DeCoteau)
  382. The Janky Promoters (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  383. The Job (Director: Shem Bitterman)
  384. The Joneses (Director: Derrick Borte)
  385. The Keeper (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  386. The Killing Room (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  387. The Last House On The Left (Director: Dennis Iliadis)
  388. The Last Resort (Director: Brandon Nutt)
  389. The Last Station (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  390. The Limb Collector (Director: Mark Daniel Foley)
  391. The Limits Of Control (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  392. The Lodger (Director: David Ondaatje)
  393. The Lost Tribe (Director: Roel Reiné)
  394. The Loved One (Director: Sean Byrne)
  395. The Men Who Stare At Goats (Director: Grant Heslov)
  396. The Messenger (Director: Oren Moverman)
  397. The Ministers (Director: Franc. Reyes)
  398. The Nail: The Story Of Joey Nardone (Director: James Quattrochi)
  399. The Outside (Director: Ari Davis)
  400. The Perfect Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Director: Scott D. Rosenbaum)
  401. The Perfect Sleep (Director: Jeremy Alter)
  402. The Pool Boys (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  403. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  404. The Rebound (Director: Bart Freundlich)
  405. The Revenant (Director: D. Kerry Prior)
  406. The Road (Director: John Hillcoat)
  407. The Scenesters (Director: Todd Berger)
  408. The Seamstress (Director: Jesse James Miller)
  409. The Secret In Their Eyes (Director: Juan José Campanella)
  410. The Slammin’ Salmon (Director: Kevin Heffernan)
  411. The Steam Experiment (Director: Philippe Martinez)
  412. The Taking Of Pelham 123 (Director: Tony Scott)
  413. The Thaw (Director: Mark A. Lewis)
  414. The Tomb (Director: Michael Staininger)
  415. The Tournament (Director: Scott Mann)
  416. The Truth About Average Guys (Directors: Ken Gayton + Jason W. Schaver)
  417. The Ugly Truth (Director: Robert Luketic)
  418. The Vicious Kind (Director: Lee Toland Krieger)
  419. The Waiting City (Director: Claire McCarthy)
  420. The Way Of War (Director: John Carter)
  421. The White Ribbon (Director: Michael Haneke)
  422. Thick As Thieves (Director: Mimi Leder)
  423. Thirst (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  424. TiMER (Director: Jac Schaeffer)
  425. Tidal Wave (Director: JK Youn)
  426. Today’s Special (Director: David Kaplan)
  427. Tormented (Director: Jon Wright)
  428. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Director: Mike Clattenburg)
  429. Transylmania (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  430. Triage (Director: Danis Tanovic)
  431. Triangle (Director: Christopher Smith)
  432. Tripping Forward (Director: Marcus Nash)
  433. Two (2) Million Stupid Women (Director: Jamie Neese)
  434. Ultimate Heist (Director: Alain Tasma)
  435. Un tigre en la cama (Director: Rafael Montero)
  436. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (Director: Patrick Tatopoulos)
  437. Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Director: John Hyams)
  438. Up In The Air (Director: Jason Reitman)
  439. Vampire Killers (Director: Phil Claydon)
  440. Veronika Decides To Die (Director: Emily Young)
  441. Wake (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  442. Wake Wood (Director: David Keating)
  443. Walled In (Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner)
  444. Watchmen (Director: Zack Snyder)
  445. Weather Girl (Director: Blayne Weaver)
  446. What Goes Up (Director: Jonathan Glatzer)
  447. Whiteout (Director: Dominic Sena)
  448. Wild Cherry (Director: Dana Lustig)
  449. Winter Of Frozen Dreams (Director: Eric Mandelbaum)
  450. Within (Director: Hanelle M. Culpepper)
  451. Within (Director: Marco Duran)
  452. Women In Trouble (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  453. Wonderful World (Director: Joshua Goldin)
  454. Words Unspoken (Director: Ingeborg C. Eiland)
  455. World’s Greatest Dad (Director: Bob Goldthwait)
  456. Wrong Turn At Tahoe (Director: Franck Khalfoun)
  457. You Might As Well Live (Director: Simon Ennis)
  458. Youth In Revolt (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  459. ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (Director: Kevin Hamedani)
  460. Zombie Women Of Satan (Directors: Steve O’Brien + Warren Speed)
  461. Zombieland (Director: Ruben Fleischer)
  462. Zone Of The Dead (Directors: Milan Konjevic + Milan Todorovic)
  1. Easier With Practice (Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez)
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Del Rey Hotel in Costa Rica - YouTube Hotel Del Rey, Costa Rica - Halloween - YouTube Hotel del Ray & Blue Marlin Walk Through - San Jose, Costa ... Hotel Del Rey en San José - YouTube Hotel del Rey is nothing compared to our ... LIMON COSTA RICA Streets and HOTEL ROOM Search !!!  iam ... Mary tells us about Hotel Del Rey - YouTube

Hotel del Rey & Casino Reviews 3.5 out of 5.0. 1st Ave & 9th St, San Jose 1-866-599-6674. See Hotel Details. Ratings based on 393 Verified Reviews . 3.8 out of 5 77% of guests recommend. 3.7 Room cleanliness 4.1 Service & staff 3.6 Room comfort 3.4 Hotel condition Expedia Verified Reviews. 5 out of 5. by A verified traveler Posted Mar 31, 2020 on Travelocity Comment from Hotel Management. Apr ... Hotel del Rey & Casino offers 102 accommodations with minibars and safes. Flat-screen televisions come with premium cable channels. Bathrooms include bathtubs or showers, complimentary toiletries, and hair dryers. This San Jose hotel provides complimentary wireless Internet access. Business-friendly amenities include desks and phones. Housekeeping is provided daily. Cleaning and safety ... Del Rey Hotel & Casino main section: This casino can be found in San José, Costa Rica. Del Rey Hotel & Casino has a total of 75 slots and 5 table games for you to indulge in. WCD also books hotel rooms in the major casino resorts in San José. You can browse our photos of Del Rey Hotel & Casino or read recent headlines about Del Rey Hotel & Casino on this page. Yes, Hotel del Rey & Casino does have fully refundable rooms available to book on our site, which can be cancelled up to a few days before check-in. Just make sure to check this property's cancellation policy for the exact terms and conditions. Is Hotel del Rey & Casino currently open? This property is closed from December 1 2020 to December 31 2021 (dates subject to change). What are the ... Hotel del Rey & Casino is rated "Good" by our guests. Take a look through our photo library, read reviews from real guests and book now with our Price Guarantee. We’ll even let you know about secret offers and sales when you sign up to our emails. Hotel del Rey & Casino is rated "Good" by our guests. Take a look through our photo library, read reviews from real guests and book now with our Price Guarantee. We’ll even let you know about secret offers and sales when you sign up to our emails. Once upon a time, the Hotel Del Rey was a destination that many would agree was the highlight of any trip or bachelor party in Costa Rica. Over the years, the women got older, the prices got steeper, and the renovations were non-existent. Of course, it didn’t help that many administrations in CR were looking to clean up the reputation of San Jose, and it all started with the Del Rey. Couple ... Pet Policy for Hotel del Rey & Casino If you are thinking of bringing your pet (dog or cat) and want to know if pets are allowed at Hotel del Rey & Casino, please read the hotel pet policy. Sometimes the hotel may charge pet fees or have weight limit on pets. The pet policies of Hotel del Rey & Casino are listed below. Pets not allowed Service animals are exempt from fees/restrictions Service ... Set 3.1 km from Sabana, Hotel Del Rey features a currency exchange, a luggage room and a lift. The venue comprises 104 rooms. This Hotel also provides car rentals to explore the area. It is 1 km from the centre of San Jose. Correos de Costa Rica is only 1.9 km from the property.Casino Concorde is also located near the venue. The accommodation ... Stay at this 3.5-star hotel in San Jose. Enjoy free WiFi, a restaurant, and a casino. Our guests praise the helpful staff in our reviews. Popular attractions Morazan Park and National Park are located nearby. Discover genuine guest reviews for Hotel del Rey & Casino along with the latest prices and availability – book now. - Book great deals at Hotel del Rey & Casino with - Check ...

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Halloween at the Del Rey in Costa Rica is an experience. Lots of cool and sexy costumes, drinks and very friendly ladies. Sit back and enjoy the scene. http:... Ver más en Hotel Del Rey dispone de 104 habitaciones provistas de minibar, ducha y bañera. La propiedad se e... Walking through the Blue Marlin Bar in the Hotel Del Ray located in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. This is an adult-only Hotel. This bar is open 24 hours a d... Hotel del Rey is nothing compared to our Panter's Night club and more LIVE http://www.JoinDonCoco.comWebsite http://www.dasMEHDI.tvDope Audio ... Hello, LIMON COSTA RICA Streets and HOTEL ROOM Search !!! iam_marwa , welcome to my Youtube channel , i hope you have enjoyed this video. kindly subscribe...